Love Island fans fume as girls dismiss Hugo Hammond comparison to Jamie Dornan

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Love Island’s Hugo Hammond is being defended by fans after the girls of the villa "turned their nose up" at the suggestion he looks like Jamie Dornan.

On Saturday’s episode of Unseen Bits, the boys of the show spoke about who they’ve been compared to in the past.

PE teacher Hugo said that he had previously been compared to the 50 Shades Of Grey actor – with viewers at home agreeing.

However, Rachel Finni and Faye Winter both balked at the suggestion, with Rachel going: “I don’t see it. Do you see it?”

Faye then smirked and shook her head in agreement with her.

But that didn’t deter Hugo, who declared himself “Fifty Shades of Hammond”.

Viewers were disappointed in the girls, particularly after they encouraged Jake Cornish believing he looked like Thor actor Chris Hemsworth.

Instead, they cheered on Hugo, who has been dubbed this year’s “Dr Alex George” for seemingly becoming nothing more than friends with all the girls in the villa.

“The most embarrassing thing for these girls is that Hugo actually does resemble Jamie Dornan lol and they just wanted to be petty and make him feel like s**t,” wrote one disgruntled viewer on Twitter.

“Hugo looks more like Jamie Dornan than Jake looks like Chris Hemsworth,” rationalised another.

A third said: “I love how the girls were so quick to tell Hugo that he didn't look like Jamie Dornan, but agreed with Jake that he looked like Chris Hemsworth. oK? I swear Hugos existence just triggers them.”

Despite not forming any romantic connections with the girls, Hugo has found himself in quite a powerful position at the end of Sunday’s episode – when it was announced that the next recoupling is imminent.

With several of the girls single and at threat of being dumped, Hugo may prove to be one of their saving graces.

This time round, the boys are in charge of who to couple up with, and with Hugo a free agent, it’s time for the girls who want to stay to play up to him.

Knowing his position, Hugo was heard joking: “You can all book your appointments. I'll be waiting.”

It’s a definite win for the 24-year-old, who has been relegated to the sidelines so much that viewers threatened to complain after a “humiliating” moment when he was left by himself during snogging challenge Line Of Booty – despite other girls picking some of the other guys twice.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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