Love Island fans furious over Amy’s sly dig at Yewande about date with Danny

Love Island fans were NOT happy with Amy Hart after hearing her make a nasty dig at supposed friend Yewande over her date with new Islander Danny.

This evening, Yewande got the chance to go on a date with the male model after he picked her to go for a drink.

But as some of the girls gossiped and gushed that they were "so happy" for Yewande, it was hard not to notice some of their remarks sounded more than a little patronising.

And viewers' eyebrows were raised when Amy said: "The fact that he picked Yewande says a lot."

One tweeted: "“The fact that he picked Yewande says a lot.' #LoveIsland Interesting comment…"

While another commented: "“The fact that he picked Yewande, that says a lot” did anyone else click the mircroaggression or #loveisland."

A third remarked: "“The fact that he picked yewande” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN #loveisland."

""the fact the he picked Yewande says a lot" EXQUEEZE ME," another wrote.

One fan quipped: "Why does the fact that he picked yewande mean a lot? #LoveIsland."


*Love Island airs weekdays at 9pm on ITV2

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