Love Island fans outraged as NONE of the girls help Rachel after she faceplants railing in fall during sexy challenge

LOVE Island fans were left outraged after spotting that NONE of the other girls helped Rachel Finni after she faceplanted a railing in a dramatic fall during a sexy challenge.

The 29-year-old luxury travel specialist was left mortified by the blunder, which saw her flash her bottom in a tiny miniskirt.

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The Islanders had to take part in a challenge that saw the girls complete an obstacle course dressed as a raunchy police officer before choosing one of the boys to fondle and snog.

But as Rachel kicked off her attempt, which started with the girls slipping down a slide, she tumbled into the fence.

There was a gasp as she shot off, fell forward onto her hands and knees, and appeared to hit her face on the metal poles.

Speaking in the Beach Hut afterwards, sheepish Rachel reflected: "I slid off the slide and went head first into the gate. It was tragic."

In the moment, a silence fell upon the rest of the Islanders, who awkwardly giggled as Rachel got back up, insisting: "I'm fine! I knew that was going to happen!"

She reached up to the girls and held onto their arms to get up, but viewers were unimpressed that none of them made the first move to help.

They also spotted that the girls jumped out of the way and flailed their hands in the air as Rachel shot towards them – securing her fate instead of breaking her fall.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "Why did no one help Rachel?! They were ready to let her pick up a dental reconstruction bill!"

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Another observed: "It’s the girls moving out the way to let Rachel fall into the fence for me."

A third gasped: "I’m SICK after watching Rachel fall omg the second hand embarrassment".

Rachel was a late arrival to the villa last week, and has suffered a series of misfortunes from the moment she arrived – with her entrance walk raising immediate eyebrows as she appeared to struggle in her heels.

She has since broken down in tears on several occasions over partner Brad McClelland, who she saved from being dumped by coupling up with him only for the labourer to quickly pursue other girls.

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