Love Island front door left ‘unlocked’ as YouTuber Omer Majid broke in

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Love Island's security team had a shock last week when YouTube star Omer Majid managed to break into the villa after the front door was left "unlocked".

Omer's YouTube subscribers have since been growing by the minute, with it currently sitting at 13,900 after he shared a video in detail about how he managed to get into the Love Island villa.

After boarding a plane and travelling to find the villa, once it was located he came up with his plan to get in – but it was easier than he intended.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: "I tried to get into the bedroom to speak to them. I just wanted one of the girls' numbers, that's all.

"I could him them whispering on the other side of the bedroom door. They were just talking among themselves, there was no shouting or screaming, they seemed fine."

After days of scouting out the villa and its security – and even getting caught on one occasion but said he was just a tourist – he returned the following day wearing all black and wearing night vision goggles.

When he finally managed to get inside the grounds, he said he managed to walk through the front door as it was still open. Omer even managed to have a wander around before he was removed by security, which he live-streamed on Instagram.

Omer previously told Daily Star that he planned his break in for a while and flew to Majorca just to get into the villa.

He explained how he drove around for five hours the day before he broke into the villa as he scouted the location to find an entry.

He added: “It was really secure to be honest. They had people patrolling all the time and watch towers.

"But then I found a possible way in via the trees and hills."

Once security spotted him, the villa was on a code red and the cast was locked up and kept away while security ensured nobody else was in the villa.

Due to Covid-19, once the trespass took place the villa was fully deep cleaned before it was made accessible again to the islanders and crew.

Love Island continues tomorrow on ITV2 at the delayed time of 10pm due to the Euro 2020 finals.

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