Love Island gets brand new look logo for 2021 series as start date is confirmed

As the excitement for the next season of Love Island ramps up, ITV continue to tease fans with new information, such as the launch date of June 28 – and now the final logo design.

The new design features a sunny secluded bay as the golden heart floats next to a sleeker, full coloured white font.

The original logo set itself at a sunset across from a coastal city to highlight the more romantic aspects of the show but this new design seems to be focused on the enjoyment of getting outside in the sun post pandemic.

With the golden heart no longer buried in the sand and a flatter coastline, the new logo depicts a much more tropical look – though it will still be set in Majorca.

The Love Island set has been going through a redesign too as builders were spotted transforming the Majorcan villa late last month.

To not risk Covid cancelling their plans, ITV have also built a secondary backup location in the UK just in case.

A source at Chronicle Live said: “The Channel Islands get plenty of sunshine so it makes sense to hold Love Island there if we can’t get back to Spain.

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“Either way we’re going to put out a belting series. Viewers have missed Love Island for the whole of 2020 and they’re desperate to have it back. They’re going to love what we do, wherever we do it.”

We’re still yet to see what the villa will look like this year but back in 2019 when the summer series last aired it had a luxury bedroom with double beds for each couple, along with an en suite bathroom and beauty room.

They had a downstairs living room area that barely got used in favour of the t-shaped infinity pool, sunbeds, loungers, outdoor kitchen, gym area, balconies and the famous fire pit where tough choices are made.

There’s no indication of what changes have been made to the villa or if the contestants will end up there or in Jersey but with the show set to air later this month we’re soon to find out.

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