Love Island star shares reality of recouplings – burning eyes to stench of goats

Love Island 's Amy Day has revealed what the longwinded recouplings are really like.

The reality TV beauty chatted exclusively to the Daily Star during a Facebook Live chat with showbiz reporter Carly Hacon earlier this week.

During the conversation, she revealed some of the show's biggest behind-the-scenes secrets and told fans about the reality of the recouplings.

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Amy said: "For me, it's just knowing that how long the process is when you're around the firepit when there is a recoupling or there is an eviction.

"It just takes forever so when you see their faces and they're staring at the firepit and there like like ahhh they're just bored they're not upset here not anxious they're just bored.

"It's because their eyeballs are starting to burn from the firepit."

She continued: "You'd also hear the goats or you'd hear one of the cameramen crack open a can or something and you'd be like this is just brilliant."

When asked if you could smell as well as hear the goats, Amy added: "Yes, you can sometimes definitely on the drive up when you've gone out and did the walk through it's like farmland, it's in the middle of nowhere.

She also revealed that there is another sex spot on the show that viewers at home don't know about.

Amy revealed that alongside the main villa hideaway there is also somewhere else allocated for the contestants to get it on.

She explained: "So, do you know what's really funny, there was actually a door in Casa Amor that says 'hideaway' by the way, it was the same Casa Amor as last year.

"There was a door right by the front door on the left and it said 'hideaway'.

Amy continued: "No one used it but they have it there just in case for whatever reason two people need to like disappear and let off some steam.

"But no, in Casa Amor, you go on the day beds and there is a little wooden hammock around the back that's normally where it would happen.

"There were loads of little spaces to do it."


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