Love Island viewers creeped out by ‘death stare’ Joe gave Lucie

Lucie and Joe are the most talked about couple of Love Island 2019 , but last night it was for all the wrong reasons.

The surfer, 21, made the difficult decision to couple up with Joe in the first recoupling despite being torn between him and hunky boxer Tommy.

When she sat back down and breathed a sigh of relief at the fire pit Joe couldn't take his eyes off her, with a look that was considered "creepy" by viewers.

One tweeted: "Joe needs to chill with the creepy stares!"

"Eurgh did everyone see that creepy stare by Joe," another posted.

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A third wrote: "NAHHH did anyone else catch that stare Joe gave Lucie when they sat down…

"We call this the death stare," a fourth said.

Last night Love Island was packed full of drama as the first recoupling took place.

The first dumping saw Callum Macleod sent home when none of the girls chose to couple up with him.

Tommy and Lucie clicked after he relentlessly pursued her following his late entry into the villa.

She was struggling to choose between them, but ultimately stayed with the boy she'd been coupled up with since day one.

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