Love Island’s Amy makes savage dig at Curtis during sickening eating challenge

Amy Hart made a savage did at Curtis Pritchard during a sickening Love Island challenge.

On tonight's Unseen Bits, viewers saw the Islanders got continental as they took part in a French kissing task.

The boys had to devour the stinky food in front of them then snog their blindfolded partner using tongues.

The lads started gagging as they munched on some blue cheese, then the girls had to guess what they had eaten.

When it came to Amy, she couldn't resist using the opportunity to mock Curtis in front of their fellow Islanders.

The air hostess said: "I put snails, crossed it out put blue cheese, then went back to snails.

"I went with my gut. As apparently that’s what you do these days."

Everyone gasped as it was obvious Amy was referencing Curtis' excuse for dumping Amy after she came back from Casa Amor.

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Later, Amy did admit that she enjoyed kissing Curtis again – but said it would be the last time.

In the Beach hut, Amy said: "Pathetic as it sounds I've really missed kissing him. My last three kisses with him will be with horrible food in my mouth."

Lots of the Islanders struggled with the task – and Joanna Chimonides was gagging before Michael Griffiths had come anywhere near her.

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