Love Island’s Anna in tears as Sherif’s exit puts her in ‘s*** situation’

Anna Vakili bursts into tears on tonight's Love Island ahead of an explosive recoupling.

The pharmacist admits she has been put in a "s*** situation" because of Sherif Lanre's sudden exit.

Sherif and Anna had been growing close before he was booted out – with the chef revealing he accidentally kicked Molly-Mae Hague in a 'sensitive area' during a playfight.

With Anna left alone, Anton Danyluk feels conflicted over whether to go with his heart or with his head.

Anton tells Anna that he feels a sense of loyalty to her but wants to progress further with new girl Elma Pazar.

During a private chat with Anna, he says: "Yesterday I didn’t feel like anything. Today I feel there could be something there with her.

"I wouldn’t want to lie to you or anything like that because you know I’m not that type of guy."

Anna confesses she is struggling on her own but doesn't want to be picked for the wrong reasons.

She says: "It's hard being in here and being alone. But I would never want you to pick me because you feel sorry for me or want me to stay. That's the last thing I want, ever."

During a chat with some of her fellow Islanders on the days beds, Anna is overcome with emotion and breaks down.

Anna admits that she is feeling upset about Anton's comments and does not know where she stands.

She says: "I'm in a s****y situation where I’m not in a couple anymore. I can’t couple up with anyone else because you lot are like my brothers.

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"I have no choice but to f***ing sit here and then have someone tell me they have my back, they might not have my back.

"I don't need it. whatever is going to happen is going to happen

Amber Gill tells her friend not to get upset but Anna breaks down in tears.

She adds: "I’m just in such a s****y place."

Meanwhile, Anton seeks advice from Joe as he prepares to make a massive decision.

He says: “I feel a loyalty to Anna but then on the other hand, with Elma it feels like there is something there. I want to do the right thing by Anna but if I do that I’m jeopardising myself here.”

Will Anna be left on her own after the recoupling?

*Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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