Love Island’s Maura and Curtis share first snog hours after Amy quits villa

Love Island's Maura Higgins will snog Curtis Pritchard in tonight's episode just hours after his 'half-girlfriend' Amy Hart quit the villa with an emotional farewell scene.

Maura has already confessed her feelings to Curtis, who told her he still had respect for Amy – so wouldn't be reciprocating any time soon.

But that's all set to change tonight when the Islanders are set a dance challenge to get each others' hearts racing, and Maura sees it as her time to shine.

"I've got a bit of a plan up my sleeve. I just can't wait to get to Curtis," she confesses in the Beach Hut.

Each of the Islanders are strapped up to heart monitors and are split into girls and boys.

The girls must dance first individually, and Maura seizes the opportunity to kiss Curtis while the rest of the group is watching.

Curtis is left utterly speechless by her bold moves, and no doubt his heartrate is off the charts.

Later in the challenge, the boys must take to the stage to impress the girls with their sexy moves.

Professional ballroom dancer Curtis wows the entire group with his routine, and even sashays over to Maura to return her kiss – picking her up and locking lips with her to really sweep her off her feet.

Earlier in the episode, both Maura and Curtis are chosen by new Islanders Chris and Francesca to go on an awkward double date.

While Maura is flirty with Chris, she spends half the date trying to spy on Curtis and the new girl.

"The poor lad [Chris] is going to be talking to me and I'm just going to be earwigging. I want to hear the way Curtis is behaving!" she tells the Beach Hut camera.

Will Curtis succumb to Maura's charms? Or will he do the decent thing and wait until Amy's place in the double bed is cold?

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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