‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s' Martell Holt Isn’t Letting Melody Divorce Him Without a Fight

Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s Martell Holt is not letting Melody Holt divorce him without a legal war. Martell’s response to Melody’s divorce filing hints to a potentially drawn-out process on his behalf. Despite his longterm affair with his mistress, Martell previously maintained he did not want a divorce. The former couple’s social media pages also reveal that things are not currently amicable between them. 

Melody Holt files for divorce from Martell Holt and moves to Atlanta

Speculation about the status of Melody and Martell’s split grew increasingly thanks to them spilling everything online. According to Martell’s conversation with an Instagram fan, he says he asked Melody for a divorce and she fled with their four children to another state. He also alleges that he did not see his children for two weeks as a result.

Bossip reports that Melody officially filed for divorce in June 2020. She cites an “irretrievable breakdown” in her marriage with Martell and says they separated in April 2020. The separation date coincides with Martell’s allegation that Melody kept his children away from him.

Court documents confirm that Melody now lives in Atlanta. Despite the distance, Melody is requesting both she and Martell share joint physical and legal custody of their kids. Her divorce petition reveals that she and Martell already have a custody schedule. She is also asking that neither she nor Martell pay the other child support. 

The couple put their $1 million Alabama home on the market, with Melody alleging they will split the profits. She also prefers a judge to divide their marital assets and debts.

Martell Holt requests evidence proving everything in Melody Holt’s divorce petition 

Martell’s response to Melody’s divorce petition proves he isn’t letting their marriage go easily. Bossip reports that he’s denying everything Melody says in her filing.

In his response, he refutes every allegation in Melody’s complaint and demands that she provide evidence to support her claims. The only part of Melody’s divorce petition that Martell admits to is that he’s a resident of Alabama.  

This is the first time in their 12-year marriage that Melody ever filed legal paperwork to go their separate ways – despite the fact that they’ve separated previously.

Melody has hinted that Martell is not taking the divorce well. In a series of stories she previously posted to her Instagram account, Melody speaks of ending relationships.

“Sometimes you think moving on should be easy and simple, but sadly you may realize that the person who hasn’t given two shits about you before, will try to take their last shot to BREAK YOU before it’s all said and done #protectyourself,” she wrote.

The Holts are not currently following one another on Instagram and Melody has not been wearing her wedding ring in recent months. 

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