Lucifer season 5: Ella Lopez NEVER finds out about Lucifer as fans uncover key clues

Lucifer: Netflix releases trailer for season five part two

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The ruler of creation himself, God (played by Dennis Haysbert) is finally coming to Los Angeles in just a few days. As Lucifer fans wait in eager anticipation for the release of the next eight episodes on Netflix this Friday, a convincing theory could have revealed some crucial moments for forensic whiz Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia).

Geeky CSI Ella Lopez is due to finally meet the father of Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and the Heavenly Father, God, in the upcoming second part of Lucifer season five.

Despite the series’ Biblical premise, Ella is one of the only regular characters who believes wholeheartedly in God despite never uncovering Lucifer’s true identity as the devil.

In recent instalments, Lucifer’s trusted forensic analyst friend has started to question her faith, especially after her traumatic experience with her sadistic new boyfriend, Pete Daily (Alexander Koch).

However, viewers are expecting her beliefs to be renewed once she finally discovers that God and his angelic children are walking amongst the mortals.

On the other hand, Ella may very well get to the end of the series without ever seeing Lucifer or Amenadiel’s (D.B. Woodside) true forms.

A theory was recently posted on Reddit which has given fans a surprising new perspective on Ella’s character arc for the rest of the series.

It proposes that Ella’s unwavering faith has been central to her character since she was introduced in season two, and showing her the truth would undermine her growth thus far.

The theory was posted when fans were asked their wish list for the upcoming episodes on Reddit.

One Redditor replied: “I want to see a scene with Ella and God. Whilst Ella is unaware.

“I don’t want Ella to be in on the celestial club- because she values her doubt.”

As Ella’s faith has evolved over the series, she’s come to realise that occasionally doubting God’s existence is actually key to keeping up her faith.

If the virtuous investigator finds out the truth outright, it would remove one of the most fundamental aspects that makes her character so special.

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Other fans disagreed, and argued that a scene in which Ella communes with God, finally knowing that he’s real, has the potential to be one of the most moving moments in Lucifer history.

One viewer replied: “Dude, why?!?! Ella needs to know, I really want to see her just accept Lucifer without any caveats.”

Finding out that God is real is one thing, but Ella may have a very different reaction to discovering she’s been friends with the ruler of Hell this whole time.

Even if Ella doesn’t realise the truth until the sixth and final season of the series, a number of fans think it would miss the mark if she wasn’t able to hold onto her faith.

Another fan said: “I’m very conflicted with Ella. I don’t want her to be lied to, but I know that faith is important to her. It will hurt, either way.”

Now Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) has finally joined the aforementioned ‘celestial club’, one viewer even suggested Ella could start to feel slightly left out, without being able to explain why.

While the series was originally meant to conclude with season five, Netflix thankfully gave fans a lifeline by confirming a sixth season to give each of its characters a satisfying farewell.

Lucifer Season 5, Part 2 will be released on Friday, May 28 on Netflix.

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