Mortified Stacey Solomon accused of POOING herself after showing off stain on bum from sitting in animal poo in garden

MORTIFIED Stacey Solomon was accused of POOING herself after showing off a stain on her bum from sitting in animal poo in her 2.5 acre garden.

The 31-year-old star said "this just sums up my day" as she discovered the gross mark on her yellow tracksuit bottoms while playing with her sons.

She handed her phone over to one of the older children as they filmed her searching for the mark while outside.

Zachary, 13, and nine-year-old Leighton can be heard off-camera, shouting: "That is poo, mum – what have you done?"

In disbelief, Stacey argues: "No it's not…" while her laughing children reply: "It literally is!"

The exasperated star replied: "This just sums up my day" as she headed indoors to get changed.

She added in the video's caption: "I've managed to sit in a nice patch of poo, they don't help – they just want to film the poo.

"Trying to find all the poos in this garden isn't easy, it was bound to happen."

Once indoors, the TV favourite was left tickled by some of the responses she'd received from followers who accused her of lying about where the stain had come from.

Stacey chuckled: "A few of you have messaged me saying: 'Stace, are you sure you haven't just pooed yourself?'

"I haven't, honestly – it'd be much more in the middle if I'd sharted…

"I'm cracking up so much at your messages, so many of you asking if I'm lying about sitting in poo and I've actually sharted."

True to her optimistic self, the mother-of-three looked on the bright side as she shrugged: "Every cloud, I needed to get changed anyway!"

She quipped: "Everything happens for a reason!"

It has been an eventful few days for Stacey, with the star thrilling her followers yesterday when she gave them a sneak peek into her youngest son Rex's second birthday party.

It was themed on his favourite Disney film Moana, with fiance Joe Swash even dressing up as one of the characters for the occasion.

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