Mrs Brown’s Boys star shares ‘unfortunate’ reasons for mini-series cancellation

Mrs Brown's Boys: The opening of this years' Christmas special

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Speculation had been mounting about new episodes of Mrs Brown’s Boys airing on BBC One this year as filming was scheduled to take place in April. However, actress Fiona O’Carroll has admitted plans to release a mini-series in 2022 have been discarded which means fans will have to wait until next year for the project to take shape. 

Fiona has cited “various” reasons for the decision and admitted it was difficult to book studio time during the coronavirus pandemic and get the cast together. 

The 41-year-old actress said: “Well, you know what this industry is like. 

“There is lots of talk and lots of talk and until it is happening you will never really know.”

She continued: “We were supposed to be doing a mini-series this year but, unfortunately, due to various different reasons it didn’t happen. 

“So, there is talk of it happening next year, a possible mini-series.”

She told Ireland AM: “It’s not just down to us, it’s down to studio time, it’s down to the crew and it’s down to the cast. 

“With Covid, it was a massively turbulent time. 

“There is a huge backlog and all artists and productions are fighting for time and space.”

She revealed it is “hard to get time to make stuff” and admitted she “doesn’t know” if the idea for the mini-series will work. 

In the meantime, the cast is planning to embark on their summer tour around the UK. 

The tour is running from June to November and will stop off in a host of major cities. 

Fiona said she will be “flat out this year” which she thought was great after spending a long time off work due to the pandemic. 

Writer and leading actor Brendan O’Carroll opened up earlier this year on logistical issues surrounding Mrs Brown’s Boys spin-off series All Round to Mrs Brown. 

Brendan told RSVP Magazine: “The problem with our show is that we record it in Glasgow. 

“If you’re recording it in London, you might get someone on a book tour or press tour because they are staying in London.

“But to get them to Glasgow, we have to fly them up, get them overnight and bring them back again. 

“And people don’t often have that in the schedule, particularly in these times with Covid-19.”

However, the Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas and New Year’s specials are in the works ahead of the festive season. 

It is understood the cast will be filming in October and dates have already been set aside.

Mrs Brown’s Boys is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. 

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