Murder to follow as Rufus stands up to killer Stephen with revelation in Corrie

Ah, it certainly wouldn’t be Coronation Street right now without Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) facing some sort of danger that his villainous secrets are going to be revealed.

The focus, for a while, has been on Stephen drugging Carla (Alison King), something he’s only doing to knock her off the Underworld pedestal so he can take over.

So far, despite a few hiccups here and there, Stephen’s plan has been working.

Peter (Chris Gascoyne) is fearing for Carla, convinced her psychosis has returned, which has left Stephen to take advantage, telling the Underworld colleagues that Carla really isn’t in a fit state to work.

In Wednesday’s (March 15) edition of the ITV soap, Stephen, Carla and Sarah (Tina O’Brien) had an important meeting with some very high-end clients.

However, once Carla made Stephen feel like a fool for being the newest member of the team, he decided to get revenge by double dosing her drink with LSD.


This, of course, made Carla’s reaction to the drug even worse.

With Peter back at home with an unwell Carla, Stephen entered the pub to update his colleagues.

Stephen was sympathetic and pretended to be concerned about Carla, but then Rufus arrived.

We met Rufus a few weeks ago – he’s the person Stephen stole the LSD from in the first place.

Up at the bar, Rufus revealed that he had worked out what Stephen was up to, he knows about drugging Carla and is tempted to reveal the truth.

Stephen was thrown and initially used telling Rufus’ wife about the drugs and escort to his advantage, but the businessman revealed that his marriage had actually come to an end so now, he doesn’t really have anything to lose.

Given how extremely predictable Stephen is, we’re more than likely expecting Rufus to ask for a large sum of cash that can buy his silence.

But as Stephen doesn’t have that, does that mean Rufus is next on his hit list?

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