Naga Munchetty snaps at BBC Breakfast co-star as she’s branded ‘grumpy’

BBC Breakfast: Charlie agrees with Naga that she is grumpy

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BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty was going through Friday’s national newspaper headlines with Charlie Stayt on the BBC news programme when one story angered her. She told viewers she did not agree with Tanzania installing internet for Kilimanjaro’s social media climbers. Following her rant over the new technology, Charlie accused her of being grouchy.

Charlie explained to viewers climbers can now send pictures from the summit of the tallest mountain in Africa, but admitted he could hear some “wearying sighs” within the studio.

Naga chimed in: “There are certain moments in life where you can just enjoy the moment without technology getting in the way and climbing something like Kilimanjaro must be so awe-inspiring and special.

“I understand needing to take a picture but why on earth would you need to share it at that moment in time?”

“Everything is so instant,” she fumed. “I don’t know – I am probably just being grumpy again.”

Charlie replied: “Well you are, yes, but carry on. Anything else?”

The 47-year-old snapped: “I think it was fine to be grumpy at that point.”

Naga then tried to continue reading other main headlines of the morning following the tense exchange with Charlie.

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