Naga Munchetty takes swipe at BBC Breakfast co-star

BBC Breakfast: Naga fumes at Charlie for interrupting her

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BBC Breakfast presenters Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt were flicking through the national newspapers for interesting stories that were away from the headlines. However, Naga was left annoyed at Charlie as he continued to interrupt her whilst she tried to read out the story from the paper.

Naga began: “I am going to introduce you to The Protector, HMS Protector is what it is called! It’s the Royal Navy’s ice patrol ship and it is stationed in Antarctica.

“The crew on board, it is the most remote crew obviously, the crew on board have been talking about what they are going to do on Christmas day.

“One of them has been sent a lovely parcel, a mystery Christmas Day box from his family, says he’s sure it’s filled with plenty of sugar-based gifts and we will share them.

“However, there is a tradition of secret Santa on board, but the secret Santa takes about a month and what they do is they find things on board and they make things.

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“So you can’t buy a present since there are no shops out in Antarctica…”

Charlie interrupted and asked: “Dead fish and things like that?” however Naga was left unimpressed and let out a big sign of frustration.

Charlie continued: “I am trying to think of things you can find on board that you didn’t already know were there.”

Naga regained focus and said: “Can I tell one of them if you let me just finish the story…”

“Morning Chetan,” the presenter added as she acknowledged the sport’s presenter who joined them on the sofa.

Charlie once again interrupted and said: “Chetan was fine, he was paying attention I just wanted to…”

Chetan agreed and said: “I absolutely was, I wasn’t just reading the sports back pages I promise you, I was listening to every word.

“Now I’m in trouble, Charlie you got me into trouble!”

Laughing at the incident, Charlie added: “So here we are on board the…” however Naga had enough of waiting and continued: “One of the Leuitentants said, ‘Secret Santa is a big event, the people on board spent the last month making presents, the more creative the better.

“Last year I received a full set of bagpipes, made from duct tape and wok handles, whilst not the same as being at home it is a special day’.

“Now, the other thing about HMS protector is that it is the only ship in the Navy with a sauna, and if you think about it, they have snow storms, I think they should get a sauna.”

Trying to make Naga feel better, Chetan added: “On the bagpipes, that is impressive, creative, someone has put a lot of time and effort into that.

“I think that is a big part of secret Santa, you can give them a voucher, by £5 gifts,” once again Charlie chipped in and asked: “Are you here for the next three hours?

“Would you like the task of seeing what you can come up with by way of making a Christmas present during the time that you are not sitting on the sofa?”

Chetan sarcastically quipped back: “There is nothing I would rather do more Charlie, that is a great shout.”

Naga jibed: “Well obviously if you think that Chetan has time to make a gift, then so do you, so I look forward to you two exchanging gifts later.”

Trying to get out of it, Chetan said: “Let’s do some broadcasting, let me have a think about presents, that’s my way of pretty much saying no,” before moving on to the sports news.

BBC Breakfast airs everyday from 6am on BBC One.

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