Neighbours cast’s next jobs – Toadie could fly your plane to real medical job

Neighbours fans have been left wondering what will happen to the cast after the beloved Australian soap came to an end last month – and it turns out, quite a lot.

The final episode of the long running soap aired on July 29, 2022 and saw the return of many familiar faces including Guy Pierce's Mike Young and Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan as Scott and Charlene Robinson.

While fans will be delighted to meet a lot of the cast on the Neighbours Farewell Tour, which visits the UK in 2023, it has left viewers wondering what is next for them.

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After huge stars including Toadie actor Ryan Maloney and Karl Kennedy actor Alan Fletcher hinted at their future career plans, Daily Star decided to take a closer look at what the cast could do next.

Toadie actor could fly your plane

Ryan Maloney became an instant fan favourite as Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours – but did you know that was not always his first career choice?

The actor had a childhood dream of becoming a pilot and revealed that if he had not become an actor, he would have joined the Australian Air Force.

It is reported that he began taking flying lessons during breaks in filming for Neighbours, with a view to fly planes commercially in the future.

Speaking about his passion on This Morning, he said: "I do have my pilot's licence, I'm going for my commercial licence now. Eventually that's what I'd like to do – I've always wanted to be a pilot!"

He has also since revealed that he hopes his wife Alison Hayward will be his first passenger – but Toadie could maybe pilot your holiday flight in the future.

Although Ryan has not confirmed if he will move full time into this profession, he has hinted at another career path he could embark on.

Speaking to Daily Telegraph Australia, he revealed that he is studying a construction and engineering course, saying: "I'm not ruling anything out. I'm doing a civil construction course which is about driving excavators and building roads."

He added: "I like playing with those kinds of machines. I like doing earthworks, all that kind of manual labour stuff. That's where I'm at, but who knows where it's all going to end up."

Although pathways in both construction and commercial flying could be on the cards, Ryan did admit in an interview with GB News that acting will always be a career he would choose.

"I'd love to do more acting – more TV and film," he said.

"I'd love to come over to the UK and have a crack at one of your dramas. That would be absolutely special."

Karl Kennedy star could be your real life doctor

Neighbours was no stranger to a medical emergency or two – and who did they call in their hour of need? None other than everyone's favourite doctor Karl Kennedy.

Although Karl actor Alan has had both a successful career as an actor and with his own rock band, the star revealed recently that he is considering training to be a doctor.

Speaking to Magic Radio, Alan said: "Now that I've finished Neighbours, I'm thinking about actually going into medicine."

If he did, it would certainly be surreal to be treated by Karl Kennedy himself, that's for sure.

Paul Robinson star semi-retiring

Ahead of the final episodes of Neighbours, which aired at the end of July, Loose Women panelist Janet Street-Porter visited the set to interview the cast.

During a chat with Paul Robinson star Stefan Dennis, the actor revealed he was "still numb" about the show's axe – and gave a hint to what his next career moves are.

He dropped the revelation that he is "semi-retiring" from acting, but still added that he is "leaving myself open to any jobs that may be forthcoming".

That's not all, as when asked if he would jump back into a music career following his Top 20 UK hit Make You Feel Good in 1989, he revealed he was not too keen to do so.

He joked: "If I was to release a record now, it would be me sitting by the fireside with my slippers."

Jemma Donovan's 'dream role'

Following news of Neighbours' axe, Harlow Robinson star Jemma Donovan opened up about the next stage in her career.

After rising to fame on Erinsborough High and landing her Neighbours role, she revealed in an interview with Digital Spy the job that she would love to take on next.

"My goal at the moment is to be in a period drama," said Jemma.

"That's what I would love to do. It would bring me back home as well and I think that would just be great. I haven't done anything like that yet."

She is also keen to carry on acting for the rest of her life, adding: "So, for me, as long as I'm doing what I love the rest of my life, it doesn't really matter.

"As long as I'm happy as well.

"I also will play it by ear, because I'm kind of like that in life, and just see what I want to do that day."

Susan and Karl could take over EastEnders pub

It can be agreed that Neighbours would never have been the same without Karl and Susan Kennedy – and many fans want to see their journey continue on another soap.

After Karl actor Alan Fletcher shared a sweet snap of him visiting the EastEnders set, fans flocked to social media to beg the bosses of the BBC soap to write Susan and Karl into the programme.

One commented: "They missed a trick here. The place needs you to cheer things up."

A second added: "There is a new GP surgery that's opened in the square… Karl and Susan emigrating you say?"

"That would make me watch EastEnders again," said a third, while a fourth added: "You could have been the new owners, you and Susan, after Danny Dyer leaves."

Imagine Susan telling Phil Mitchell to "get out of my pub" – that would certainly be an episode to watch.

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