Netflix fans issue stern warning after watching notoriously raunchy period drama

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    Netflix have taken steamy period dramas to a whole new level with the release of Lady Chatterley's Lover – and viewers have issued a stern warning to those who want to watch.

    Based on the 1928 novel by D. H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley's Lover depicts a young and unhappy married woman as she embarks on a forbidden but passionate affair with the local gamekeeper.

    Starring The Crown's Emma Corrin and Skins actor Jack O'Connell, the film features notoriously explicit scenes of a sexual nature, including a powerful sequence where both characters dance fully naked in the pouring rain.

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    Now, fans have taken to social media to urge others to avoid watching the steamy film if any relatives are present.

    One viewer penned: "Don't watch Lady Chatterley's Lover on loud speaker when your Mum is visiting."

    Praising the movie, another wrote: "Well it's not a romcom but I watched Netflix's version of #LadyChatterleysLover this morning and I am still not over it. Give whoever was in charge of blocking out those sex scenes a pay rise. The perfect balance of dirty and beautiful. (Don't watch it with your gran)."

    "If you want to see gorgeous rolling (around in) hills of the British countryside. I recommend Lady Chatterley's Lover on Netflix. Don't watch it with your mum," added a third.

    While someone else shared: "#LadyChatterleysLover why did I watch this with my mum!"

    Others have taken to social media to specifically praise the casting of O'Connell, with many admitting his performance had quite the effect on them.

    "I watched Lady Chatterley's Lover and it appears that Jack O'Connell will forever have me in a chokehold," wrote one user.

    Echoing these thoughts, another penned: "Jack O'Connell (phenomenal actor, btw) had me in a chokehold ever since I saw him in "Skins." But that whole part of Lady Chatterley's Lover in the woods? Saying things like "take that off," "lie down," and "look at me"? LAWD. I had to pause it and take a whole moment."

    Discussing the dancing in the rain scene, the 32-year-old told Radio Times: "I've been naked on camera before so it couldn't be any worse. I've been naked on stage.

    "I think what was especially daunting is that you didn't know how it was going to pan out. Because literally, the description was just dancing in the rain."

    As his co-star admitted that particular scene was not choreographed, he went on to say: "I was having kittens about that. I didn't know how it was gonna unfold.

    "But I think thankfully, I feel like we got to a place that was freeing and liberating, but you know, still made sense as well."

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