New ‘Doctor Poo’ joins Channel 5 reboot of You Are What You Eat after 15 years

A new “Doctor Poo” is joining the reboot of You Are What You Eat as Channel 5 revive the squeamish TV show one more.

Back in 2007, Gillian McKeith exa-mined the poo when the show aired on Channel 4 as she enthusiastically looked through the families with poor diets and inspecting their waste.

Some of the memorable moments viewers will recall include when the Scot made an overweight woman cry by unveiling a chocolate tombstone in her garden with her name on it.

But now, Trisha Goddard is preparing to take on the show as the new presenter to help improve the diets of viewers up and down the nation with some less controversial tactics.

And the star will be accompanied by Professor Lindsay Hall who will be taking over the role of poo duty who hopes that the show will help open up the conversation about having a healthy diet.

Ahead of the show, she said: “Everyone I speak to about my job says, ‘Eugh, poo!’ and it’s a taboo subject, but it’s something we need to talk more openly about.

“If your gut isn’t working properly that normally means you know you’re not right in yourself and other things need changing.”

Trisha, who was the one-time Queen of Daytime TV, was quick to distance herself from McKeith who was recently slammed online for claiming people could “eat themselves immune” to Covid-19.

Viewers will still spot familiar elements of the show, including the table showing all the food a person eats in one week, and the infamous stool sample.

The star confessed she has had her own complicated relationship with food while she battled with drugs, breast cancer, three divorces as well as a family tragedy.

She told The Mirror: “Food has definitely played a part all the time. When I went through my divorces, I wasn’t eating enough. I was down to just over 8st. I can’t even look at pictures because I looked like a lollipop.

“That’s what I brought to the show. With many people it was the first time they’d been asked about what was causing their weight issues, the first time someone had actually said, ‘Take me back to where it started’. For most, that was a lightbulb moment.”

You Are What You Eat airs on Channel 5 on Wednesday at 8pm.

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