Newcomer Dan Rose isn’t afraid to ‘test the waters’ with Amber

Self-styled “cheeky and confident lad” Dan Rose is set to cause a stir when he arrives in Casa Amor with other new Islanders.

Claiming he has the “gift of the gab” the 23-year-old bathroom salesman from Nuneaton, blows his own trumpet when speaking about his looks, admitting he thinks he’s a nine out of ten.

Always wanting to get his own way, and hating to be proven wrong, Dan has his eye on three of the villa residents.

Admitting to fancying Amber Gill and willing to test the waters even though she’s currently coupled with Michael Griffiths, Dan also has has soft spot for Lucie Donlan and Maura Higgins.

Shunning girls who are too loud, Dan revealed he likes women who can back themselves.

He said: “I wouldn’t go for a pushover. And someone that’s too loud would put me off.

“I like confidence, but not in a way that the attention always has to be on them.

Preferring to meet someone on a night out rather than sliding into people’s DMs, Dan confessed he’s “not bothered about treading on anyone’s toes and will speak to all of the girls”.

And Dan also owned up to ditching a love interest to pursue someone else.

He said: “If I like someone, I won’t wander. But if I’m coupled up with someone and feel I have a better connection with someone else, it’d be stupid not to pursue it.

“There is no point settling if you think there is something better.”

Favouring someone who is easygoing and chatty, Dan revealed he’s funny and confident, but possibly too confident at times.

And it’s not just love Dan is looking for, as he thinks he’ll having budding friendships with Tommy and Anton as “they’re both clowns, and he’s a bit of an idiot too”.

While his dream girl, Ellie Brown from last year’s Love Island, is no longer in the villa, let’s hope Dan manages to couple up with his dream lady.

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