News Networks Carry Wednesday’s Tribute To Fallen Capitol Police Officer; Fox News Covered But Didn’t Go Live For Most Of Tuesday’s Ceremony

The three news networks carried tribute ceremonies on Wednesday for Brian Sicknick, the police officer killed in the siege on the Capitol last month.

CNN, MSNBC and Fox News carried the congressional tribute to Sicknick, who lay in honor at the Rotunda, followed by the departure of his remains from the Capitol.

But when it came to coverage Tuesday evening’s ceremonies for Sicknick, Fox News carried only parts live while sticking to its lineup of opinion hosts, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

That drew attention on Twitter. As CNN and MSNBC stuck to live coverage of the arrival ceremony of Sicknick’s remains, Fox News was on to other topics. On The Ingraham Angle, that included coverage of the pandemic, including a segment with Dr. Scott Atlas, Donald Trump’s former coronavirus adviser, criticizing Dr. Anthony Fauci. Earlier on Hannity were segments on a woman ejected from a Lakers game for heckling LeBron James.

On Twitter, figures such as Michael McFaul, U.S. ambassador to Russia under Barack Obama, noted the difference in approach to the Sicknick ceremony between CNN and MSNBC and Fox News. “Striking contrast,” he wrote. Other figures, like former congressman Joe Walsh and veterans advocate Paul Rieckhoff, also noted the difference.

Fox News may not have carried that much of the ceremony live on Tuesday night, but it did cover it.

On Ingraham’s show, she at one point broke into live pictures of President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden paying his respects to Sicknick. Earlier, toward the end of his show, Hannity did go to to a live shot of the Capitol and said, “Slain Officer Brian Sicknick is lying in honor in the Capitol rotunda as Officer Sicknick lost his life last month, defending the Capitol building. He’s just the fifth American who wasn’t a public or military figure to receive this honor. President Biden at the Capitol now about to pay his respects.”

Hannity added, “Our thoughts, our prayers go to him, his family and his friends tonight. We need a 9/11 commission style report. We cannot allow this to happen in our country again. It’s that simple. And how it happened, how we missed the warnings? You know, we’ve got to get to the bottom of it because the rest of the world, with many of our enemies are watching. We’ve got to protect our politicians and our institutions.”

In the handoff to Ingraham, she said, “No matter where they’re stationed. And sad day for his family and the country. But we move forward with, I hope, learning a lot from all of this. And glad you talked about that at the end of your show.”

Shannon Bream later addressed the ceremony on Fox News @ Night and said, “Officer Sicknick was 42 years old, always dreamed, we’re told, of becoming a police officer. He was in the New Jersey National Guard as well. He was what we would all call a hero.”

Sicknick was among the five people killed in the Jan. 6 siege at the Capitol.

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