'Nine Perfect Strangers': 3 Annoying Ways the Finale Made No Sense

The season finale of Hulu’s new show Nine Perfect Strangers was released last night and, well, we have some questions. Though the show effectively wrapped up all of the storylines and answered a number of questions that arose throughout the season, there are still parts of the finale and season as a whole that left fans confused or made no sense.

1. The focus was on the Marconis in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Nine Perfect Strangers finale]

Early on in the season, we learn that the Marconi family lost a member of their family, Zac, to suicide. While there are nine guests at Tranquillium, in the last few episodes, the Marconis become the focal point as Masha uses them as guinea pigs for her drug cocktail.

“It’s such a uniquely frustrating show because the scenes with the Marconis (and Masha) are some of the most grounded and real and emotional scenes of television I’ve ever watched,” one Reddit user wrote of the finale. “Those moments of the show are truly outstanding and analyze grief and trauma in a way I’ve never seen before. BUT it seems like the writers focused all of their energy on the Marconis and just neglected the entire rest of the show.”

There were several interesting storylines that were quickly wrapped up in order to focus on the Marconi family.

2. Where everyone ended up

The show ended on an eerily happy note. The last few scenes showed where each of the characters ended up after Masha was taken in by the police. Some of the scenarios made sense, like Lars reconnecting with his ex and having a child. The one that stuck out the most, though, was that Ben and Jessica seemed to take over Tranquillium. Ben and Jessica came into the retreat being relatively materialistic and not having much trauma to work through. They also got the least screen time of the characters at Tranquillium. So, to throw them in as being the new owners of Tranquillium after Masha was jarring and needed a bit more explanation.

3. Was the ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ ending a dream?

One part of the finale that was particularly confusing was how much of it was real. During the “where are they now” scenes, Frances and Tony are shown in a really nice house with a dog and Tony’s two daughters. But then, it flashes back to Tony and Frances on their first date outside of Tranquillium and Frances writing a story in her notebook. This made some fans wonder if the characters’ endings were real or if they were just things that Frances wrote in her imaginary story.

“Thought the endings were fiction written by Francis,” one Reddit user wrote. “After the scenes showing happy endings, it goes back to Francis writing in the restaurant.”

“That’s not the real ending,” another person wrote. “It’s just what Francis was writing about. Her imagination.”

The series never answers whether the endings for the characters are legitimate or just a part of Frances’ imagination, so this could leave space for another season should the show get renewed.

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