Off The Fence Restructure: Bo Stehmeier Becomes Sole CEO Of ‘My Octopus Teacher’ Producer As Ellen Windemuth Focuses on WaterBear

Bo Stehmeier has taken on sole responsibility for ZDF Enterprises-owned producer/distributor Off The Fence (OTF), as OTF Co-CEO Ellen Windemuth transitions to become full-time CEO of its environmental streamer WaterBear Network.

Stehmeier returned to Netflix’s My Octopus Teacher producer OTF as Co-CEO at the start of this year having held various positions there between 2007 and 2016, and he will take full control as the company attempts to expand WaterBear, which was launched with the support of Prince Harry in December 2020.

Stehmeier is the former President of Love Is Blind producer Red Arrow Studios International and he has also held roles with Optomen and TVF International.

My Octopus Teacher exec Windemuth will move to become WaterBear CEO full time as the streamer, which hosts 50 originals and more than 1,000 documentaries, expands to 194 countries on all Apple TV and Roku devices.

Windemuth said the WaterBear expansion “requires a strong and ambitious leadership team” and she has therefore made a triple hire, signing Sam Sutaria in the group-wide role of VP Strategy and Development, Poppy Mason-Watts as VP Marketing and Communications and Louis Botha as VP Finance and Operations.

“With our global rollout and the launch of WaterBear on Apple TV and Roku, we deliver our impact content to an ever growing audience,” said Windemuth. “For our brand partners and our partner NGOs, the WaterBear platform now provides a window to an authentic base of value-led consumers.”

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