Olivia Wilde slammed for 'homophobic' comments in past interviews as romance with Harry Styles heats up

OLIVIA Wilde was slammed for "homophobic" comments in past interviews as her romance with Harry Styles heats up.

Fans and Hollywood alike were shocked when Olivia ended her ten-year relationship with Jason Sudeikis and began dating Harry, who is ten years younger than her.

In a series of resurfaced interviews, Olivia made a series of comments that had the LGBTQIA+ community buzzing.

In these interviews, the 37-year-old compared transitioning her career from being an actress to a director as "coming out of the closet" and claimed she considered a "soft kind of lesbian relationship" before she met Jason in 2011.

The LGBTQIA+ community quickly took to social media on Sunday night to slam her for comparing such a big life-changing decision as coming out to family and friends to a career.

One Twitter user wrote: "I have always respected Olivia Wilde but when it comes down to this it’s terrible."

A second one chimed in and said: "no one is cancelling Olivia Wilde because she's 'dating' harry so lets stop those comments before they even start, she's being 'cancelled" because she's invalidating the lgbtq+ community, NEXT."

A third addressed the actress herself and tweeted: "Olivia Wilde. I am beyond disgusted.

"These hurtful words actually came out of your mouth. How dare you invalidate the LGBTQIA+ community like that.

"Comparing a change in jobs to coming out of the closet, how insensitive could you be?"

A fourth expressed their anger towards the actress, writing: "I'm so upset. As a queer woman i never expected this from someone i have looked up to for years.

"I'm hurt and this kind of ‘nonchalant’ behaviour and language is deep rooted homophobia that people think is laughable when it isn't. do better Olivia Wilde."

And a fifth one shared: "Not Olivia Wilde comparing coming out with changing from a director to an actress

"just invalidated all the suffering people like me, who are still in the closet, have to go through. [I don't care] if the interview is from a long time ago, it's still problematic and disgusting."

Back in January, it was revealed that Olivia and Harry's flirty texts were the reason why Jason called it quits on their relationship.

Her comedian Jason, 45, became suspicious after she met the ex-1D singer on their upcoming film Don’t Worry, Darling.

Sources said he was then left heartbroken when he discovered Olivia was seeing the Brit heart-throb, 27, behind his back.

The New York-born actress-turned-filmmaker is also said to have assured Harry she was single when they first hooked up.

House star Olivia started dating fellow the Saturday Night Live alum Jason in 2011 after the end of her marriage to an Italian aristocrat.

They got engaged in 2013 and had two kids before announcing their separation last November.

At the time it was claimed they had split earlier in the year.

However it has emerged their relationship ended in the autumn due to a row about her growing increasingly close to Harry.

Jason is said to have seen messages from him on Olivia’s phone, confirming his worst fears.

One source said: “Jason is absolutely devastated that Oliviawent behind his back and started seeing Harry.

“To see them out and about publicly holding hands is really difficult for him. But he’s more upset than angry."

Sources say Olivia, mum to a six-year-old son and a daughter, four, told Harry she was single when they first started dating.

In September, Harry was announced as a cast member in Olivia’s upcoming film, a psychological thriller.

Shooting then began the following month.

His relationship with Olivia was revealed after they were pictured together at his manager Jeffrey Azoff’s wedding in Montecito, California, last weekend.

They are also believed to have spent time at James Corden’s home in Palm Springs.

Olivia married Italian aristocrat Tao Ruspoli, 45, in 2003 before they separated in 2011.

After casting Harry in the film, she praised his lack of “toxic masculinity.”

Sources close to Olivia say she believes the relationship with Jason was over before her romance with Harry started.

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