Outlander blunder: Fans spot error with Jamie Fraser’s appearance

Outlander: Caitríona Balfe discusses season five episode

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Starz’s historical drama Outlander ended with an epic showdown, viewers can’t wait to see what season six holds for the favourite characters. Transporting themselves back to the early beginnings of the series, one observant viewer spotted a huge blunder with Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan).

During the third season episode titled, Eye of the Storm, Jamie and his wife Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) were on a rescue mission in Jamaica.

Young Ian Murray (John Bell) had disappeared and the couple were frantically searching for him.

While in Jamaica, they were forced to deal with a plot Geillis Duncan (Lott Verbeek) had stirred up to fulfil a mysterious prophecy.

However, it was during this scene, where the blunder was spotted with Jamie’s beard and exposed on screenrant.com

As he was shaving his beard, he was talking to Claire and mentioned it was only four days worth of growth, which the viewer considered “odd, as it was only a light stubble.”

However, later in the episode while travelling by ship, the couple ended up overboard during a storm and washed up on the shores of New World.

As the fan put it: “suddenly Jamie’s beard has grown much longer, maybe the sea water did him some good.”

This was a huge continuity error for Outlander because it’s unlikely his beard would’ve grown longer after he shaved it off earlier in that same episode.

Despite the hurdles they encountered, Jamie and Claire’s mission proved successful and they were able to rescue Young Ian in the season three finale.

In season four, they all moved to Fraser’s ridge and after a turbulent beginning to life, Young Ian was able to become stable and live a peaceful life, despite the trauma he endured.

The reason Claire and Jamie had to rescue him was because he had been kidnapped as punishment to his parents Ian Murray (Steven Cree) and Jenny Fraser Murray (Laura Donnelly).

His mother was Jamie’s younger sister, so this gave the couple extra motivation to find and rescue him.

Season three saw Young Ian kidnapped, sent to Jamaica and sold to Geillis.

She wanted him because she was after a stone which she believed resided in virgins.

Young Ian was able to survive her ply because she was not a virgin, but this didn’t stop Geillis from drugging then raping him.

After his move to Fraser’s Ridge, not only did the youngster bond with Claire and Jamie he also made friends with Mountain Man (John Quincy Myers), who was friendly with the local indigenous population.

In need of a new adventure, Young Ian decided to stay with the Mohawk tribe at the end of season 4 to buy Roger’s freedom.

He made a surprise return to screen in the eighth episode of season five and he was only a shell of the man he was before.

It appeared as though the trauma he endured and the deaths he witnessed began to take a toll on him, as he was severely depressed.

Hopefully, for fans, the upcoming season six, will see things get better for Young Ian Murray and perhaps no more continuity errors.

Outlander season 6 premieres on Starz in the USA in 2022. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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