Paddy McGuinness hits out at Top Gear co-stars ‘Biggest divas ever!’

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Top Gear continues on Sunday evening with Paddy McGuinness, Chris Harris and Freddie Flintoff returning with more motoring fun on BBC One. The upcoming episode will feature an expedition across Iceland, with the help of some temperamental old British cars. Viewers will also see Freddie get his hands on America’s latest sports car, the new Chevrolet Corvette. However, in a recent interview, Paddy blasted his co-star’s, describing them as “divas”.

The trio of Top Gear presenters chatted all about the new series during an interview with and other press.

The group spoke about their travel experiences on the BBC motoring show, referencing the trip to Iceland that will feature in the upcoming episode.

In the past, Chris and Freddie gave Paddy the nickname “Beyonce” suggesting he’s a pop star-like diva.

As the topic arose during the interview, Paddy was quick to hit back at his colleagues.

When asked if he was still referred to as “Beyonce”, the presenter remarked: “You know what’s interesting about that? I swear to god these two are the biggest divas ever and what?

“I am the least diva-ish out of you two!” Paddy exclaimed, turning to his co-stars.

The presenter went on to explain how his nickname originally came about.

He said: “I took a suitcase abroad. That’s what they based it on, I took a suitcase abroad.

“They thought that was being Beyonce. I’m like ‘No, this is just travel lads’,” Paddy laughed.

Freddie chimed in, teasing his co-host further: “You know when you have to protest about not being a Diva?”

“Oh, here we go. Here we go,” Paddy replied.

However, Freddie eventually defended Paddy, conceding he wasn’t too much of a diva nowadays.

He remarked: “No he’s been alright. I think that first, it was a bit…”

Paddy interrupted: “I’m just not very well travelled. I like to take everything with me.”

“Really? You don’t come across that way,” Chris teased.

Paddy confessed he wasn’t very well travelled when he was younger, revealing most of his family holidays as a child were in a caravan.

He explained: “I never went abroad till I was like 20 odd years old. We just couldn’t afford it.

“So, for me, all my happy memories of holidays have been in the caravan. So, I embrace that,” the presenter said.

Paddy revealed he’s a fan of caravan holidays: “I quite like it. It’s just chilled out, isn’t it? You do what you want.”

Top Gear airs Sundays at 8pm on BBC One.

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