Rihanna stuns fans by revealing they've been pronouncing her name wrong for 14 years

RIHANNA has stunned fans by revealing they've been pronouncing her name incorrectly for 14 years.

Filmed in a video for Vogue, the 31-year-old singer said: "Hello British Vogue, it's Rihanna."

She pronounced it 'Ree-Anna' rather than 'Ree-Awhh-Na', as some fans were led to believe.

One fan exclaimed: "I am so p***** at all of us for pronouncing Rihanna's name wrong this entire time. I am so sorry queen @rihanna."

Another added: "I love how we all collectively choose to pronounce Rihanna's name wrong".

Someone else said: "Thank you @Rihanna for pronouncing your name, my daughter's name is Brianna but people pronounce it Brionna, similar to yours."

However you say it, Rihanna – who released her debut single, Pon de Replay, in May 2005 – was filming from her Fenty pop-up store in Paris after launching her first fashion label.

The Umbrella singer has taken a step back from music to focus on this new venture after revealing she's secretly been living in London for a YEAR and shops in Sainsbury’s.

She told how she loves to stroll around the capital "incognito" and has so far managed to avoid being spotted.

The artist – who is originally from Barbados – moved to London to be closer to her beauty products team, as her creations are designed in Paris and manufactured in Italy.

Fans discovered she was a Sainsbury's shopper when she posted a video with a bag for life spotted in the background.

One fan joked: "See this is why she moved to the UK we're the only ones that have been saying her name right."

Meanwhile her American fans were left red-faced at their error.

Some may even be surprised to learn Rihanna isn't even her real name.

The 31-year-old was actually born Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

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