Robert Rinder inspires viewers to look into family history with 'must watch' doc

Following the first part of Robert Rinder’s documentary My Family, The Holocaust and Me airing on BBC One, moved viewers felt compelled to look into their own family history.

The first installment of the documentary followed Robert Rinder and two other families as they retraced their own history and travelled overseas to find out what had happened to their relatives during the Holocaust.

Emotional scenes saw Robert head to a small town in Lithuania where his family came from and he spoke to a local woman who had been alive at the time his family, the Levines, had been forced to move there.

He later learned his relatives had been killed along with 1800 Jewish people by German soldiers and locals at a site on the edge of town in 1942.

Robert visited the mass grave site and was left in tears, as he said: ‘I have seen many things over the years in my professional background. It’s strange because it’s on one hand just a mound, yet it’s the most articulate expression of human evil I have ever come close to.’

‘People still alive, buried here, moving, it is impossible to describe,’ he reflected.

‘I’d like to name the Levine family, just to know that they’re remembered, they had lives, we told their story, name them and so for the most limited extent give them back part of their humanity, their humanity that was deprived,’ Robert said.

‘That’s the most powerful, ugly, dark thing, this is the death of humanity. The hardest part is just imagining the last moments of terror, but also asking myself what do we do now? This is not the only place of earth like this in the world, there are more, what’s hard is that there will continue to be more,’ he pointed out, as he broke down in tears and walked out of shot.

Viewers watching were just as moved by the harrowing experiences of those who suffered and praised Robert for highlight the stories of those who lost their lives.

One more viewer agreed: ‘My Family, The Holocaust and Me is very moving if painful viewing. Thank you to the families who agreed to share the stories of their ancestors.’

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