Ruth Langsford defends feeling ‘fed up’ with Eamonn Holmes after injury

Loose Women's Ruth Langsford has defended her marriage after Eamonn Holmes said his chronic pain can leave his family 'fed up'.

Ruth hosted the ITV show where she asked whether chronic pains and illnesses can impact relationships.

Explaining her own dealings with it, she responded to Eamonn saying that Ruth was "fed up" with him as she said: "I am and I'm not, it's human when you're helping someone all the time and they're incapacitated, it's hard to be Florence Nightingale all the time."

Ruth's response comes after her husband opened up about the chronic pain he's experienced, leaving him walking with crutches.

Despite intensive physiotherapy and strong painkillers, the 62-year-old said that he hasn't been able to walk properly for months.

He told The Sun: "Even my own family are bored of my moaning. It has caused some strain and Ruth is fed up of hearing about it and of me saying I can’t walk the dog or tidy up, but I can’t help it. It’s agony."

It seems Ruth's open response struck a chord with some viewers, with the TV presenter being inundated with support and understanding from multiple fans.

Fans of Loose Women took to Twitter to agree that chronic pain and illnesses can impact relationships and make them more difficult.

One person wrote: "Thank you @loosewomen for highlighting the impacts that illnesses can have on relationships and if it makes you feel like a burden. As someone who suffers with many illnesses I can relate to this. It’s great seeing taboo subjects finally being discussed."

A second viewers said: "Dearest ladies, I've been suffering with peripheral neuropathy for 18 months and only recently gave up my job as I'm no longer able to drive. My husband is a saint to put up with me. His biggest complaint is apologising to ask for help."

Another added: "As someone who lives with chronic pain, I think we all need to be aware that we’re frustrated with the situation and the condition, than we are with ourselves or our loved ones. It’s a very lonely life #LooseWomen #ChronicPain."

While someone said: "I am now terrified of dating because I don’t want to feel like a burden and I’m waiting for surgery. It’s extremely difficult!"

Eamonn started a new job this week at GB News after a shock exit from ITV's This Morning which he presented alongside his wife Ruth.

He revealed that he will be waking up at 2.45am each morning ahead of a 3.15am taxi pick-up so he arrives to the studio on time.

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