Sebastian Gorka & CNN’s Brian Karem Trade Insults At Donald Trump’s Rose Garden Event

I never promised you a Rose Garden brawl. But if the crowd had its way, we would have had one today.

Right-wing talk-show host Sebastian Gorka called out CNN political analyst Brian Karem after Donald Trump’s White House event, and the two traded near-nose-to-nose insults before decorum — or at least sanity — prevailed. Video uploaded to social media today shows the men yelling at each other as a sizable audience watched and cell phone cameras rolled; check out some video below.

In one Twitter clip, Karem responds to a man off-camera who tells him, “Don’t be sad.” The pundit replies by addressing the group of conservative influencers who had gathered for Trump’s social media summit and were invited to stay for his ensuing address about how he plans to determine the citizenship of U.S. residents.

“This is a group of people who are eager for demonic possession,” Karem replies to his taunter with a mocking salute. After some laughs, Gokra is heard off-camera yelling, “And you’re a journalist, right?”

Game on.

“Come on over here and talk to me, brother,” Karem says. And Gorka obliges. As one woman in the crowd yells, “Hit him!” Gorka gets in Karem’s face and, after awhile, shouts in his face, “You’re not a journalist — you’re a punk!” He then turns and walks away.

Here is some video tweeted by Katie Rogers of The New York Times,  the first of which picks up after Gorka comes over to Karem:

Speaking of Joy Villa, who is named in the text of Rogers’ tweet above, here she is sparring with Karem after the Gorka ruckus, in a video posted by Fox News:




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