'Selling Sunset': Fans Wonder Why Davina Potratz Is Even on the Show

Selling Sunset premiered in 2019 and follows a group of real estate agents at the Oppenheim Group, a brokerage firm in Los Angeles. As with many reality shows that feature different personalities, not everyone gets the same amount of valuable screen time.

For Davina Potratz, fans are beginning to wonder about her story line on the show and whether they even warrant her getting screen time like the other cast members.

What is Davina Potratz known for on ‘Selling Sunset’?

Potratz first appeared on season 1 of Selling Sunset, though she was only a recurring cast member at the time. However, she quickly made an impression on viewers when she and Chrishell Stause had a conflict with Potratz accusing Stause of talking about another cast member behind her back.

Potratz was promoted to a regular in seasons 2 and 3, and she continues to divide viewers with her “calls it how she sees it” personality (in the words of Christine Quinn). Towards the end of season 3, Potratz proved herself to be controversial once again when she asked Stause to consider her ex-husband’s side of the story after he unexpected filed for a divorce from her.

Aside from being a part of an endless stream of office dramas, Potratz can also be seen trying to sell a $75-million home. She has a broker license as well and seems to have ambitious dreams for herself to do more than just be a real estate agent.

Fans wonder what Davina Potratz’s story line is supposed to be

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Even though Potratz is now a part of the main cast, some fans are still confused about the importance of her story line, especially since, unlike the other agents, her personal life is not shown very much.

“I noticed that every agent on the show has a storyline with their personal life except for Davina,” one person said on Reddit. “Her only storyline is her inability to sell that 75mil home and other than that we literally know nothing about her personal life/ relationships. It’s like she’s only there to gossip, start fights, and not make her sales.”

Another viewer agreed, writing, “Wish they’d chuck her outta the show, she doesn’t add anything to it, even the negativity is annoying.”

However, one fan seems to understand Potratz’s behavior, explaining that it is perhaps Potratz’s way of “hustling” for screen time.

“She doesn’t have [a story line]. She has to hustle for her screen time,” the fan said. “Which is the reason why she has to insert herself into any of the other agent’s situations with either poor commentary, purposely taking the opposite side of a situation or side with Christine because the rest of the room won’t.”

Some fans think it’s necessary for Davina Potratz to be on the show

In another Reddit thread, Selling Sunset viewers discussed Potratz and two other cast members, Quinn and Heather Rae Young. The three of them have been portrayed as antagonists on the show, so some fans wondered why some people support the trio.

One person noted that having Potratz and the other two on Selling Sunset is necessary, even if many viewers find their behavior divisive.

“I watch a lot of reality TV and have for years and this group is important to a reality show like this one,” a viewer wrote. “Without an ‘opposition’ to the main plot/storyline the show would be boring. I’m all for hugs and kisses and rainbows, but a whole season of everyone being best friends isn’t why I or (I think) many people watch reality TV.”

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