Servant Sneak Peek: George Storms the Turners' in Search of Leanne — Watch

Servant‘s Uncle George may not know exactly what happened to his niece Leanne, but it’s safe to say that Dorothy and Sean Turner are very high on his list of suspects.

In the following clip from Episode 6 (which hits AppleTV+ on Friday, Feb. 19), the baby who may or may not be Jericho (and who may or may not even be alive!) remains missing. When the Turners run into Uncle George at the mall, they bring the probable cult leader home to have a productive chat, despite Dorothy’s gut instinct to “cut him to pieces” until he talks.

Sean is luckily a tad more restrained, hoping to earn George’s trust with a tête-à-tête that includes speaking the old man’s language (which, to be clear, is all sorts of bats–t crazy). Enter Julian, who has an entirely different idea of his own. Watch the full scene below.

Elsewhere in the episode, Dorothy, not happy with how slow things are moving, decides to (surprise!) take matters into her own hands, tempting the angry George with their $200,000 ransom fund. Also, Leanne hints to Sean that she isn’t sure Jericho can ever come home.

Is George just plain crazy, or is something far more sinister afoot? Press PLAY on the clip above, then hit us with your theories in the Comments!

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