‘She just left’ Dan Walker snubbed by the Queen as BBC star recalls being ‘cut off’

BBC Breakfast: Dan Walker recalls the Queen cutting him off

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On Sunday, it was announced that the Queen had tested positive for coronavirus just days after Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, had also tested positive. A statement released by the Monarch revealed she had mild and “cold” like symptoms and would be carrying out “light” duties. Discussing her wellbeing and health on BBC Breakfast, Dan Walker looked back at his first time meeting the Queen and admitted she cut him off mid-story, leaving colleague Sally Nugent in shock.

After looking through the national headlines of newspapers, many of the front pages were covering the Queen’s positive Covid test.

The Sun’s headline read “HRH to WFH”, to which Sally noted: “Work from home, of course, the Queen is her majesty, isn’t she?”

Dan agreed and said: “Oh yeah, she’s HM, isn’t she? When she came and opened up the new studios in Salford, I had to meet her and welcome her in.

“I was briefed for about 14 years beforehand about what to say and what not to say, and they were very clear on ‘Her Majesty’.

“You never lift your hand until she raises hers to shake yours”.

Sally asked: “Do you speak first?”

“No, you’re not allowed to say anything,” Dan joked. “No, but it was very nice, she turned up early, and you can imagine the sort of panic and pandemonium when she came in.

“We had a lovely little chat, I had nearly three minutes with her,” he continued before revealing their meeting ended rather abruptly.

Recalling the snub, Dan went on: “But I was in the middle of a story when it was time to move on, and she just left!”

Shocked at the revelation, Sally exclaimed: “Oh, she cut you off in the middle of a story!”

“Yeah, I’ll finish that story one day,” Dan laughed.

Prince Charles tested positive for the virus two days after they had afternoon tea at Windsor Castle, with Camilla being diagnosed several days later.

The Queen is said to want to honour her duties and will continue her online meetings this week, keeping her duties “light”.

A royal source told The Sun: “There are procedures in place, but there’s been a wave at Windsor with a number of cases among household staff.

“The Queen has mild cold-like symptoms and plans to carry out light duties. She is determined to carry on.”

Dan and Sally also spoke to their Royal Correspondent, Victoria Murphy, who was outside Windsor to discuss the statement which had been released.

She explained: “Thankfully, there isn’t too much need to read between the lines too much when it comes to the statement.

“Certainly, by the standards of statements from the palace about the Queen’s health, this actually does give us a fairly good amount of detail.

“They have really kind of mitigated against speculation and against unnecessary concern about the Queen’s health.

“It really kind of hits all those key questions that we would want to know, what are her symptoms? They are saying mild and cold like.

“When did she test positive? They are saying yesterday morning, crucially they are actively pointing out that she intends to continue with light duties here at Windsor Castle.”

BBC Breakfast airs everyday from 6am on BBC One.

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