Sistas Puts 'Zatima' Back in Jeopardy Ahead of Season 4 Finale

Well, that was nice while it lasted.

Just when Sistas‘ Zac and Fatima were finally enjoying a moment of peace, along came Tyler Perry to blow up their lives once again. Three times, actually. The first bomb came last week when Karen showed up on Zac’s doorstep begging for him to take her back. It was messy and intense and heartbreaking. But mostly messy.

And that was merely the opening act, the prelude to this week’s main event. Fatima and Karen on Wednesday finally had it out in a heated exchange that probably would have turned physical had Zac not intervened. “You’re just a number — number three to be exact,” Karen told Fatima, to which Zac replied, “She is not a number. And if she is a number, she’s one of one.” (Ouch! Point: Fatima.) As their war of words intensified, it became clear that this conversation was going nowhere. Until…

Enter bomb No. 2. A woman named Heather (fka “Destiny”) interrupted the melee to reveal herself as the mother of Zac’s alleged son, the result of a strip club hookup that he pretended not to remember. Heather’s arrival helped put things into perspective for Fatima, who threw up her hands before going back inside, and for Karen, who now felt even worse knowing that Zac slept with Heather while they were dating.

Just when Zac couldn’t be any deeper in the dog house — which is probably more of a dog mansion by now — the senator’s wife who gave him that stock tip is now demanding, well, more than a tip. In exchange for her silence in Hayden’s investigation (ugh, Hayden!), she’s demanding sex from Zac. I’m pretty sure he spoke for all of us when he simply replied, “What? Come on, lady!”

Of course, Zac and Fatima aren’t the only ones in the danger zone ahead of next week’s season finale. For starters, Que claims he has enough evidence to pin the bank robbery on Maurice and Sabrina, the latter of whom is already on the outs with her prince not-so-charming Bayo. And there’s plenty more drama in the finale promo below, from Gary showing up as Andi’s office to Preston making one last play for Danni.

What are your hopes for next week’s finale? Hit PLAY on the promo below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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