Snog Marry Avoid clips resurfaces as teen gets turned into ’43-year-old Karen’

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An old clip from Snog Marry Avoid has resurfaced on social media with people mortified at a 19-year-old girl's frumpy makeover – claiming she looks 43.

In the iconic BBC Three reality show from the 2000s, women are given "makeunders" that involve taking away heavy makeup and kitting them out in the questionable fashion of the era.

The participants are then taken around town to meet random bystanders who comment if they'd "snog", "marry", or "avoid" them based on their appearance.

Often it goes well, with people liking the more "normal" and stripped-back look but one lass called Emily appeared to have a terrible time.

Footage from the episode shows teenage Emily taking off her false eyelashes and orange makeup and react to what the stylists have done to her.

Her long blonde hair is chopped off and replaced with a short brown hairdo viewers said was a "Karen" haircut.

Emily is also given a boring pair of black trousers, red high heels, and a blue jacket which doesn't go with anything.

She is clearly horrified and says: "Oh my God."

Emily reckons the hair is "quite cool" but hates the jacket so much she immediately begs to be allowed to take it off.

The clip was uploaded on TikTok by the user @iconicpopculturex and an onscreen caption reads: "Snog Marry Avoid gave the worst makeovers.

"Why've they made this 19-year-old look about 43?"

The top comment reads: "Omg they made a Karen."

"If someone cut my hair off and dyed it brown after it took so long to get blonde I'd sue for grievous bodily harm," joked a second woman.

A third quipped: "This would be my villain origin story."

"Made her look like she needs to see the manager," commented someone else.

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