Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart Give Us Toothache With Halloween Baking Show

In a move that seems to have been born in a meme generator, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have teamed up with BuzzFeed Studios and Magical Elves for a Halloween-themed baking competition. Snoop & Martha’s Very Tasty Halloween begins streaming on October 21st via Peacock.

The show takes the classic food competition arrangement to a new level as teams of three bakers go above and beyond to build an edible 12×12-foot project. The confectionery works, which call for the bakers to draw from the concept of fear, will be judged by Snoop and Martha alongside food content creator Alvin Zhou.

The newly shared Snoop & Martha’s Very Tasty Halloween trailer introduces viewers to the decked-out decorations at the duo’s Halloween party at Tasty Manor. The baking teams are put on the clock and rush to build a completely sensory world for the judges to explore, including ice sculptures and faux bloodied door arches.

“The ghouls and freaks are on the prowl. I need sweets and treats to stop my stomach growl,” Snoop narrates in the trailer before introducing Stewart as his Halloween Queen.

Snoop and Stewart have been hanging out and cooking together for years now. In 2016, they shot Martha and Snoop’s Dinner Party after making friends during Snoop’s frequent guest appearances on Stewart’s show. “I’ve never met anyone like Martha Stewart,” he told Rolling Stone at the time. “When we come together, it’s a natural combination of love, peace, and harmony.”

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