Stacey Solomon hits back at nasty troll who slammed her for having three sons by three different dads

 STACEY Solomon has hit back at a nasty troll who slammed her for having three sons by three different dads.

The 31-year-old star was taken aback by the comment, which came after she revealed her two oldest had asked to stay at their dads for longer than planned.

Taking to her Instagram Story in the morning, she wrote: "I'm really missing the big pickles today. They wanted to stay longer at their dads and because they are doing school from home they can.

"I do get sad when they don't want to come home, but I know how happy it will make their dads and I never want to stop them from having the chance to make memories with their family.

"But oh my gosh I miss them. It's lovely for a couple of days, less mess, less noise, but then the house just feels so empty and Rex looks for them everywhere."

The vile troll sniped: "It must be very sad having three different dads for your boys. Always apart.

"Oh well, I suppose you are happy about it."

Shocked Stacey shared a screenshot of the cruel message on her Story, hitting back: "Woah there Wilma, it's far too early for that kind of judgement and of course I am happy about it!

"They are the best thing that ever happened to me, no matter how they happened to me."

She added in a caption: "Never let anyone make you feel like you're not good enough just because things happened to work out differently from the 'norm'.

"Keep doing you the best way you know how. Unconditional love from anywhere in different shapes and sizes is all they'll ever need."

Stacey then shared some of the positive messages she had received about blended families from followers as she thanked them for the support.

Stacey was just 17 when she fell pregnant for the first time with then-boyfriend Dean Cox.

The pair split before Zachary, now 12, was born – and earlier this week the star opened up about the sense of shame she felt at being a pregnant teenager.

Leighton, eight, was born in 2012, and Stacey shares him with ex fiancé Aaron Barham who she split from in 2014.

She has been in a relationship with fiancé Joe Swash since 2015, and the pair welcomed Rex in May 2019.

Speaking ahead of Rex's birth, Stacey confessed that she used to feel "guilty" about having babies with different dads.

She told Closer magazine at the time: "I didn't want my kids to have a negative or confused upbringing.

"There's a stigma about having babies with different partners – I've definitely felt pressure from people – people I don't know, and even people I do know.

"Even those close to me have had their opinions on it, and that can hurt."

However, she soon learned to ignore the mean comments, adding: ""My boys are incredibly loved – by me and their fathers, and by Joe, who is just another positive male role model in their lives.

"And that can only be good for them. They are so content and confident and happy."

Joe also has a son from a previous relationship, 13-year-old Harry, and previously revealed that Zachary and Leighton consider him as "one of their dads".

He added: "I treat all the boys exactly the same. I think that's the only way you can do it.

"You know, I love Stacey's boys. I love my boys. I hate saying it like that because by saying that there's a separation. I'm really honoured to be able to say I am their stepdad.

"When I met Stacey, Leighton was only three, And Zach was only, I think he was only seven or eight and you know, I've been in their lives longer than I haven't been in their lives. And I love that.

"I love that when they get older and they have wives and stuff, they will say I'm one of their dads. And I'm so pleased and proud to be a part of their lives. I can't wait until they grow up. So I love being step. It gives me as much joy as being a dad."


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