Teen Mom fans rip Jenelle Evans for buying 'illegal' fireworks then lighting them near pets & kids Jace, 12, & Ensley, 4

TEEN Mom fans slammed Jenelle Evans for buying "illegal" fireworks and then lighting them near her pets and two of her kids, Jace and Ensley.

Just recently, the former reality star took time to make a video to slam those who criticize her.

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The chaos began when Jenelle took to TikTok to reveal she and her family "went to South Carolina because in North Carolina fireworks are illegal."

She then jokes: "the popo were there but it's all good because we dodged them!"

The clip proceeds to show Jenelle, along with her husband David Eason, roam the store and picking up fireworks, including "little ones for the kids."

"We have a tradition every year where we let the kids get these little book bags at the fireworks store," the ex MTV star explained, as 12-year-old Jace is seen picking up the bag.

However, fans were not happy with Jenelle picking up "illegal" fireworks, as they took to the Reddit section to voice their frustrations.

One person sarcastically said: "Jenelle actually said the little ones (fireworks) are for the children… mother of the year!"

Another added: "I mean… everything else she's ever done that was illegal was broadcast on TV and she suffered no consequences so why start worrying now?"

A third user chimed in: "Stupid. Also driving across state lines houses away to get fireworks and throw money away you don't have is dumb too."

"Are we even surprised?" another stated.

Jenelle's Fourth of July festivities wasn't done there, as she then shared another TikTok video, this time of her and the kids enjoying their purchases.

In the clip, 4-year-old Ensley holds up some fireworks and says, "look mommy!"

Suddenly, David is seen walking away from a lit firework as it explodes.

"That wasn't supposed to happen," Jenelle wrote over the short video.

Ensley and Jace then start to handle their own fireworks from the book bags, as Jenelle's youngest claps with glee when she learns there is one in the shape of a gun.

Jace then shows his younger sister how to use the firework, as Jenelle says, "don't put your hand in front of it."

As fireworks were exploding left and right, not only were fans concerned with Jenelle's kids, but her pets as well.

"I hope she doesn't make one of the animals on the land try to catch one that's lit," one Teen Mom fan wrote, with another saying, "poor animals!"

While the former TV star is seeing plenty of backlash, it is not a first as Jenelle has been getting ripped quite a bit lately.

Recently Jenelle, who is also a mother to 7-year-old Kaiser with Nathan Griffith, clapped back at her haters.

In a TikTok video captioned, "I am FULLY aware," Jenelle flexed her fingers and stared at her shiny ring as she mouthed the words to a Nicki Minaj audio.

After the star pointed her finger up for "Number One," she then clapped back at her trolls by cursing them out.

The fired Teen Mom 2 star also twerked in another video, as she joked, "my back hurts from carrying the weight of all these haters that think I care."

She poked fun at the video, captioning the post: "Just doing a random 7am Tik tok in a parking lot with wet hair."

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