Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s mom hasn’t spoken to daughter or granddaughter Sophia, 12, in FIVE months & demands apology

TEEN Mom Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, hasn’t spoken to her daughter or her granddaughter Sophia, 12, in FIVE months and is demanding an apology. 

Farrah, 30, and Debra, 63, have had a rocky relationship through the years, as the mother and daughter were often in family therapy on Teen Mom OG. 

But their latest estrangement comes after Debra visited her daughter and granddaughter in California over the spring. 

Debra exclusively told The Sun: “We haven’t talked for quite some time. May was the last time I spoke to her.”

Debra, who goes by stage name Debz OG, wouldn’t reveal the reason for the falling out, as she said it is a “private matter.”

She added that she has “no relationship” with her granddaughter as well. 

Debra continued: “I am sad because Sophia is an amazing person and I love her so much. We had years together. I love her. I miss her.”

The rapper added that she will “always” hope the two will mend their relationship. 

She said: “Sometimes you feel like you’re owed an apology. When you love people, like Christ loves us and forgives us, we need to do likewise. Love each other, forgive each other and work together. That’s where I’m at. What mother would not want that?”


Debra continued that while she doesn’t blame their appearance on the MTV show for their falling out, she does believe the spotlight changed Farrah. 

She said: “When you’re on TV your world changes and things become different. It is what it is. It’s because you’re working in a different realm. Some of that goes to some people’s heads. They’re not as approachable or teachable as they used to be. 

“Going on TV did have an effect, it always does, it’s being human. I’m not saying anything bad about MTV or my daughter, but it changed her to feeling more entitled. Even if you’re president you should always have respect and honor for other people.”

Farrah could not immediately be reached for comment.

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Debra first broke the news of their falling out on Have a Seat with Chris Hansen. 

She said: “We’re not speaking today, so that’s very sad, and I miss my granddaughter…

“I pray to God that my daughter is happy and healthy, and I do want [our] relationship to be happy and healthy.

“I want to be able to hug her and hold her and tell her I love her. That’s very important to me, and I want my Sophia to know that she is still the sparkle in my eye and I will always love her and I miss her.”


Debra has also been estranged from her own mother, Carmella, as the 84-year-old filed an elder abuse order of protection against her daughter. 

Carmella claimed in court documents that Debra tried to get into her home in an "angry" confrontation in June and accused her of being "mentally and financially abusive.”

The petition was triggered by a confrontation on June 15 between Carmella, Debra and her husband David.

The order of protection was granted by a judge on June 28 and is valid for a year.

Debra cannot "abuse, harass, intimidate, molest, interfere with, or menace" Carmella and is also banned from entering her mother's home.

Debra told The Sun of the order of protection: "Trust me, it’s incorrect and wrong. It’s not real. I will not comment on it because it is inaccurate, incorrect and wrong.

"I am not giving one minute of time to things that are wrong."

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