Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ ex Nathan Griffith sees ‘red flags’ in Kaiser’s behavior after son is kicked out of two schools

JENELLE Evans' former partner Nathan Griffith has admitted he is concerned over son Kaiser's behavior.

The 29-year-old Teen Mom star welcomed her son with Nathan in 2014, with the couple splitting one year later.

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Now, Nathan has addressed his concerns following Jenelle's claims Kaiser was kicked out of two schools.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Nathan admitted he has previously seen "red flags" when it comes to his son.

However, the star reassured the public he is doing his best as a father.

He shared: "I'll set the record straight. No one is perfect. Kaiser loves being with his father.

"Do I already see certain red flags in his behavior? Yes. That's where I sit down and talk to him and explain why his negative behavior can cause him consequences in the future.

"I do not let ANY ONE raise their voice(s) around both of my children when I'm present including family members. If anyone has seen me around my children they immediately fall in love with my hands on 'daddy mode' I go into."

Nathan continued: "I LOVE CHILDREN and especially my own. I LOVE BEING A DAD! I might be a crappy person and have made tons of mistakes but if there is one thing I'm good at… it's being a FATHER!

"And I'll let no one take that away from me. For my family members chiming in on a half baked reality show that I haven't been on for three years… SMH how disappointing."

The former reality star went on to say he has kept private in recent years.

He went on: "I have been trying to keep my life semi private. So, I will say this. My family are good people to a certain extent.

"I will say I try to keep my distance because of certain toxic behavior my family displays and I don't want to be associated with it. I still have a lot of growing up and I'm my own worse critic and I want to change ever certain behaviors of mine."

Nathan's concerns come shortly after Jenelle opened up on Kaiser's behavior on her YouTube series Addicted to Growth.

The 29-year-old mom said: "Kaiser had a really hard time at school in North Carolina. He was in his first school and got kicked out.

"In the second school, he basically got kicked out, wouldn't behave. And when we got to Tennessee, he started school again.

"Luckily, he got to picked up by the bus and brought to school, I just had to bring him to the apartment complex but he was bad in the bus and when he got to school, he was bad in school and things weren't going that great and they would call me every other day to come pick him up."

Jenelle then revealed that because of Kaiser's behavior, she also had a tough time co-parenting with his birth dad.

She said: "Not to throw Nathan under the bus but I contacted Nathan like four or five times, asking if he could help me control Kaiser and control his anger and Nathan was like 'I'm in Florida, I don't know what to do.'"

The Teen Mom 2 alum then claimed that Nathan failed to reach out to his teachers like she had asked him, which made co-parenting with him "not work out that well."

Meanwhile, back in March, fans were worried about Kaiser as he seemingly flipped off the camera in one of his father's TikTok videos.

To add to the drama, Jenelle recently claimed her son Jace, 11, set fire to her mom Barbara’s home and has had “out of control” behavior in their nasty custody war. 

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