The 100's Eliza Taylor Ponders Clarke's Uncertain Fate as Josephine Takes Over

Now that Eliza Taylor‘s character has been unwittingly co-opted by a mysterious individual named Josephine, every fan of The CW’s The 100 wants to know one thing: Is the Clarke Griffin we know and love really… dead?

“Well, that’s the question, isn’t it?” Eliza Taylor tells TVLine. “I was reading comments on Twitter, expecting this big uproar, but everyone was just like, ‘Clarke will be back. It’s fine.’ I can’t spoil anything, but the way in which they’re going to try to get her back is really, really interesting. I think the writers have outdone themselves with this storyline. It’s pretty damn cool. I think Episode 7 was my favorite of the season, and you’ll know why when you see it.”

Ahead of tonight’s new episode (The CW, 9/8c), read on for more of Taylor’s thoughts about the whole Josephine situation, including the biggest hurdle she had to overcome while perfecting her performance:

TVLINE | Is it bad to say that I kind of love Josephine?
No, that’s good. I love her, too.

TVLINE | I don’t know how to explain it, she just… goes for it. All the time.
Yeah. The one great thing about playing Josephine is that she’s so different from Clarke. She’s uncompromising, she’s selfish, she’s carefree — it was a joy to step outside of Clarke for a little bit.

TVLINE | Earlier this year, Jason [Rothenberg] told me that he put you through your hardest season yet. Now I get what he was saying.
It was challenging, for sure. It’s one thing to go to a different film or TV show and play a different character, but to be playing one on the same show who’s pretending to be your previous character … was very, very challenging. But hopefully I did it justice.

TVLINE | I think so. How many languages have you had to speak?!
Oh my God… Let’s see… Mandarin, Portguese, French — I think that’s it.

TVLINE | All of which you were already fluent in, I’m sure.
[Laughs] Oh, yeah, I don’t speak any of those languages. So to have to speak them well, like I knew what I was doing, was so difficult. I learned French in Year 7, but all I remember is how to count to 10. So it was tricky.

TVLINE | Every season of this show feels like a mini reboot, but this year is especially different. What have you enjoyed about Sanctum?
When we did the finale of Season 5 and we ended up orbiting this new planet, I was like, “OK, so… We could go really crazy, like with aliens, or with another colony of the human race that’s been left on this planet. I was like, “I hope we go the second way because I don’t think we could pull off aliens and stuff like that.” I was a little concerned, because there were so many wild ideas floating around the writers’ room. The way they’ve done it is great. Everyone’s still relatable, they’re members of the human race, but they’re in a completely different environment.

TVLINE | Without giving too much away, there’s a scene in tonight’s episode where you dance around your room, and you look so happy. At first, I was like, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Clarke so happy.” Then I remembered, it’s not Clarke!
That was the best part about getting to play Josephine, though I was worried that I forgot how to play happy and carefree. I was like, “Maybe I’ve been Clarke for so long that it’s not going to come off well.” But the director of that episode, Ian Samoil, was amazing. I was really nervous about dancing and rapping in French. And I can’t paint. So I was like, “I can’t do it. I’ve done a lot for you guys, but this is crazy.” So he had the crew leave and we just danced around like idiots so that I could feel more comfortable.

TVLINE | Lastly, Clarke and Bellamy had a pretty emotional moment last week. And then he was kind of watching her on the dance floor. Do your feelings about that relationship — and what it could be — ever evolve?
Yeah, I kind of go up and down with it. I love their relationship, and how strong their bond is. And I love working with Bob, so if it means that our characters get together, I’d be totally fine with that. Or if it meant that they stay friends and work together, I’m still really happy. He’s my best friend, so it’s pretty damn fun.

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