'The Bachelor': Are Twins Emily and Haley Ferguson From Ben Higgins' Season Engaged?

Identical twins Haley and Emily Ferguson appeared on season 20 of The Bachelor as they competed for Ben Higgins’ heart. Then, they both participated on seasons three and four of Bachelor in Paradise. Haley returned without Emily for season six when the latter twin began dating Swedish NHL player William Karlsson. They were engaged in December 2020. 

Haley, on the other hand, landed an athlete of her own. In January 2020, she and Finnish hockey player Oula Palve made their relationship Instagram official. They got engaged in May 2021. Now, both Emily and Haley are planning weddings, ensuring they have a lot of identical experiences.

Emily and Haley Ferguson both got engaged

According to Bustle, both twins were studying to be elementary school teachers while competing for Ben’s heart on The Bachelor. “I have always known that I would go to college for Elementary Education because I love kids and I know I would love to work with kids and help them learn and grow,” Emily wrote on her University of Nevada, Las Vegas coursework page. While she was a student, she supplemented her income by working in retail.

These days, the twins host a podcast together, Twinning at Life, where they discuss the show and life. As for returning to reality TV, neither has shown any interest in getting in front of the camera in the near future. However, they could certainly change their minds.

The shows that made Emily and Haley famous

After their time on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, Emily and Haley starred in their own spinoff show, The Twins: Happily Ever After?

It’s perhaps for the best that Haley only returned for Season six. It’s always a mess when Emily and Haley appear on these shows together. Haley was sent off The Bachelor three weeks before Emily on the sisters’ date, which took place in the house they shared with their mother. Clearly, this created an awkward situation.

During Bachelor in Paradise, the twins pranked a guy by swapping places for a date. Then, after failing to connect with anybody, they quit the show. Emily and Haley were also the last participants to arrive in paradise during Bachelor in Paradise season four, where they were rude to everyone.

They began calling ladies “whores,” telling boys they were inviting them on pity dates, and tossing fish at the cast as they stormed out. They later told Us Weekly that they apologized for their behavior.

The twins have had their troubles in the past with reality shows. But it seems like they’re content with their lives now. Even though they’re choosing to stay out of the TV scene for a while, you can still catch them on their podcast. 

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