The Bachelorette: Tayshia Adams Sends 1 Guy Home After He Tells Her 'I'm Falling in Love with You'

This post contains spoilers from Tuesday's episode of The Bachelorette.

Tayshia Adams opened this week's episode of The Bachelorette by wondering if the process would actually work for her.

In need of advice, she met with former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher to talk things out. JoJo also stood in as host while Chris Harrison dropped off his son at college. Tayshia admitted to JoJo that she was "falling for multiple people," but didn't want to rush to the altar.

"I'm not going to get engaged to someone just because it feels right in the moment," she said.


With that, Tayshia embarked on her first of two one-on-one dates this week, with Zac. They took wedding photos dressed as a bride and groom, and Tayshia felt nervous about being back in a wedding dress after her first marriage ended in divorce. But Zac quelled her fears and made Tayshia feel comfortable throughout the photoshoot.

Tayshia even wondered about actually marrying Zac at the conclusion of her Bachelorette experience. "It didn't scare me," she said in an on-camera interview of the possibility of becoming Zac's wife. "It didn't scare me at all."

During the dinner portion of the date, Zac opened up to Tayshia about his past, which included suffering from a brain tumor just after college. Recovering from the tumor exposed him to pain medication and led him to start drinking. He also got married during that time.

"I was hanging out with some sketchy people," he told Tayshia, explaining that he went on to get arrested, got a DUI and was left by his wife.

"For the next eight months, it got pretty gnarly in a bad way. Scary," he recalled. "It was touch and go. Moments of, 'I'm not sure if I'm going to make it to tomorrow.'"

After a bank teller called Zac's dad to come to pick him up from the bank, where Zac was attempting to withdraw money from his father's account, Zac realized he needed help. "That moment had some type of spiritual, crazy moment of clarity," he said.

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He went to rehab for four and a half months, and now serves on the board of the same facility where he recovered.

"I believe in miracles. I shouldn't be sitting here," Zac told the cameras. "So if I know that I'm a miracle, then who's to tell me that I can't come on a TV show in the middle of a national pandemic and find love with someone as amazing as Tayshia? No one. I won't let them."

Tayshia appreciated Zac opening up about his past and gave him a rose at the end of the night. "I feel like you check a lot of the boxes of someone that I have been looking to be with in the sense of someone that's mature, someone that's comfortable with themselves, someone that's ambitious and is established," she told him.


Though Tayshia felt her one-on-one with Zac "could not have gone better," she worried about going on the group date because she hadn't connected with all of the men on it yet.

For the group date, Tayshia challenged Spencer, Ivan, Ed, Blake, Brendan, Riley, Demar, Bennett, Ben and Noah to open up to her through art, starting by sketching a naked couple. Then they did some blindfolded clay sculpting, which Bennett used as a chance to kiss Tayshia in what he deemed a "50 shades of clay" moment.

The last creative task: a self-portrait. The men dug deep on that one, using their portraits as a chance to uncover some of their feelings. Ivan made a puzzle and talked about his dad's health struggles, Riley talked about missing out on quality time with his mom as a kid and Brendan invited Tayshia to see herself in his portrait.

But Ben took things to the next level when he ducked out before presenting his portrait — and returned in a bathrobe.

"I talk a big game but it's hard for me to express my emotions," he told Tayshia. "Today has been eye opening for me, so figuratively and literally, I'm going to let my guard down."

Ben proceeded to disrobe. "This is me showing up for you as myself," he continued. "I'm going to give this all to you. This physical body and also everything inside. Because what you see is only just a small part of who I am. I'm so excited to share that with you."

"I'm extremely overwhelmed right now," Tayshia said afterwards to the cameras. "I was not expecting that at all."

She left the room and broke down in tears, telling a producer, "This is what happens when you start dating real men."

When Tayshia returned to the group, she told the guys that although she was supposed to pick one winner to spend the rest of the date with, she couldn't decide on just one because of how impressed she was with their vulnerability.

"I'm like the luckiest girl in the world to even have you guys," Tayshia told her suitors.

During the afterparty, Ben continued to divulge about himself to Tayshia, revealing that he suffered from an eating disorder.

"I found out what girls were when I was 15," he began. "I realized they don't like the fat kid. And so I stopped eating, started working out all the time. Lost like, 70 lbs. Had bulimia for like, 10 years and I was in my 20s. It's hard to hide something for so long."

Ben said his sister intervened and helped him recover, and that this is why he now works in the health and fitness space. Ben's honesty throughout the day ultimately earned him the group date rose.

But Tayshia ended the group date with a warning: "Noah and Bennett, there's something going on between you two — and I'm going to get to the bottom of it, one way or another."


Up next, Tayshia went on her second one-on-one date of the week, with Eazy. She felt they hadn't "been able to break through romantically" yet, so she and Eazy went ghost-hunting at the La Quinta Resort to continue getting to know one another.

After a few scares, they headed to dinner and Eazy opened up about his feelings for Tayshia.

"As much as I try to be macho and be like, 'Yo, it's too soon,' or whatever, I honestly feel like I'm falling in love with you," he told her. "And like, that's real and that's so strong and apparent and I can't lie about it. And I feel like with love, there is no time, there is no rules, there's no boundaries, there's no method. It just is. And you just know it and you feel it in your bones."

Tayshia, however, wasn't feeling it — and declined to give Eazy the one-on-one date rose.

"Unfortunately, I can't give you this rose because I'm not there where you are and I don't know if I can get there," she told Eazy. "The last thing I wanted to do is for you to continue to pour yourself out and one day just like, send you home at a rose ceremony. I can't even explain to you how amazing you are, because you're truly amazing. I'm sorry, Eazy."

With that, she walked him to the car and he headed home. "It went from great to goodbye in no time," Eazy told the cameras in the van. "I thought that this was who I was going to stand up with and would be the love of my life and everything would be great. I don't know if I've ever been more disappointed."


Before the remaining men went to the cocktail party and rose ceremony, JoJo informed them that those events would have to wait because first, Tayshia wanted to talk to Noah and Bennett. The meeting would essentially be an abridged two-on-one date because one of them would be sent home.

"It just isn't possible for her to keep both of you here," JoJo told Noah and Bennett.

Ahead of Tayshia's arrival, Bennett gave Noah a gift: a red bandana — because "I hope there's no bad blood with us going forward" — and used (but washed) socks with mustaches on them — because "the only place that you should wear a mustache is on your feet" — and last but not least, a book on emotional intelligence.

Bennett told Noah that he believed the 25-year-old lacked three of the four pillars of emotional intelligence. "You don't develop it out of the womb," Bennett, 36, explained. "It is something that you gain over life. And I'm not talking down to you. I did not have emotional intelligence at your age.”

When Tayshia showed up after the gift exchange, she expressed that she had feelings for both men but that she was "over the pettiness of this drama that's taking place."

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Bennett claimed to feel no tension towards Noah, causing Noah to rehash Bennett's comments from last week's cocktail party. "This sounds like, honestly, teenage boy drama," Tayshia said.

She also accused Bennett of questioning her "integrity" and left the conversation by asking about the contents of Bennett's gift box. When Tayshia finds out the answer on next week's episode, she'll decide who to send home.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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