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WITH the snow falling and the cold spell not looking up, nobody would blame you for wanting to stay snug in front of the telly.

Thankfully, The Sun's TV Mag has a round up of all the best new TV to watch across the main streaming services.


The Night AgentAvailable from Thursday

If recent Netflix spy series The Recruit was just a little too knowing and comedy-infused for your liking, make sure you check out The Night Agent. Ramping the seriousness levels right up, this 10-part action-thriller – based on the novel by Matthew Quirk – introduces us to low-ranking FBI agent Peter (Gabriel Basso), who works in the gloomy basement of the White House, manning a phone that never rings. But everything changes one night when Peter receives a call that lifts the lid on a conspiracy that points to a Russian mole at the highest levels of the US government. Can Peter – aided by brave tech genius Rose (Luciane Buchanan) – find a way to unmask the traitor and save the nation? Explosively entertaining.

We Lost Our HumanAvailable from Tuesday

When loveable pets Pud the Cat and Ham the Dog wake one day to find that all the humans on Earth have disappeared into thin air, they’re more than a little confused. Cue a funny, wonderfully goofy mission to find their owner – a quest that takes grumpy Pud and excitable Ham on a trip through the universe, visiting spectacular new worlds and meeting marvellous creatures. It’s just as entertaining as it sounds – and what makes this epic animated adventure even more exciting is that it’s interactive, giving kids the chance to guide Pud and Ham along the way. But will they be reunited with their owner? You’ll have to wait and see.

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Waco: American ApocalypseAvailable from Wednesday

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the infamous siege in Waco, Texas, during which cult leader David Koresh and his followers faced off against government forces and the military for 51 days. Tragically, the stand-off at the Mount Carmel Centre ranch would end when the compound became engulfed with flames, leaving 82 people dead, many of them women and children. This new three-part documentary series tells the story of the siege and includes interviews with one of Koresh’s spiritual wives, the last child released from the compound alive, an FBI sniper and journalists who covered the story. There’s also never-before-seen videotapes filmed inside the FBI’s Crisis Negotiation Unit during the battle, and a wealth of archive news footage. Compelling and often disturbing viewing. 


YELLOWJACKETSAvailable from Friday

This part-Lost, part-Lord Of The Flies-type series with a big dose of 1990s nostalgia took the world by storm in 2021. Told across two timelines, it’s the story of a girls’ high-school football team whose plane crashed in the wilderness. In both 1996, where the teens descend into savages, and the present time, where the survivors are still struggling to cope with what went down all those years ago (spoiler alert: some casual cannibalism), there are many mysteries to be solved. We can expect plenty more of the same in this new second season, which has the added bonus of Elijah Wood guest starring.

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Swipe, Match, MurderAvailable from Monday

Yet another documentary about the shocking 2018 murder of British backpacker Grace Millane, this new two-part series looks at the case from the perspective of the New Zealand police officers given the job of catching her killer. As a result, it features contributions from the lead detectives, along with footage of police interviews with Grace’s murderer, Jesse Kempson, who she met on a Tinder date. There’s also court footage from Kempson’s trial and a serious attempt to examine how Grace’s death resonated around the world and prompted questions about victim blaming in cases of violence against women. 


My Kind Of CountryAvailable from Friday

We’ve seen talent shows for pop, rap, musicals and even opera. Now, it’s the turn of country music, in the shape of this glizty, globe-trotting new series, produced by Reese Witherspoon and Kacey Musgraves. Here’s the set up: three established country stars – Mickey Guyton, Jimmie Allen and the permanently masked Orville Peck – will scout out some of the best and diverse unknown talent from around the world, including far-flung locations like South Africa, India and Mexico. After putting the chosen few through some tough showcases and workshops in Nashville, they’ll eventually be whittled down to one overall winner who will receive a life-changing prize and instant country superstardom. Expect surprises, tears and plenty of great music. Yee-haw!

Monster FactoryAvailable now

Welcome to the Monster Factory, a real-life wrestling school on the outskirts of New Jersey, USA, where tough but fair owner and coach Danny Cage trains wannabe wrestlers who are looking to make that unlikely leap into the WWE big time, alongside seasoned veterans who just want to stay involved. Over six fly-on-the-wall episodes, we meet the rest of the Monster Factory gang, including Mimi, a veteran who defied her upper-middle-class upbringing to become a wrestler, Twitch, who has Tourette’s syndrome, and Goldy, a chiselled star in the making who uses wrestling to control his crippling panic attacks. An unexpectedly heart-warming and compelling documentary series.  


The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip –  Available from Friday

Watch out, Thailand – here come the Housewives! Yes, eight stars from various US versions of the hit reality show have packed their finest designer gear and headed east for the trip of a lifetime. Fortunately for fans, a camera crew is going too, capturing all the adventures and (many) arguments, when the gang hang out in their beautiful villa, hit the shops, cruise on a luxury yacht, meet elephants and much more. Boarding the flight are Candiace Dillard Bassett and Giselle Bryant from The Real Housewives of Potomac, Alexia Nepola and Marysol Patton from the Miami version, Heather Gay and Whitney Rose from Salt Lake City, Leah McSweeney from New York and Porsha Williams from Atlanta. There’s no guarantee all of them will be on the jet home, though, as one of the Wives is set to wind up in hospital… It’s going to be dramatic.


Jane The VirginAvailable from Thursday

If you’ve never seen it before, this five-season romantic comedy-drama centres around Jane (Gina Rodriguez), a hard-working and religious young woman from Miami who swore to her grandmother that she’d stay a virgin until she was married. Unfortunately, fate plays a rather large trick, and a doctor mistakenly artificially inseminates Jane during a check-up and she falls pregnant. Worse still, the father turns out to be her married boss Rafael (Justin Baldoni). Okay, yes, as set-ups go, it’s maybe a little questionable. But get past that and Jane, which ran from 2014 to 2019, is funny, surprising and heartfelt. Oh, and it also features a young Jenna Ortega – aka Wednesday Addams – as a child version of Jane.


Kathleen Madigan: Hunting BigfootAvailable from Tuesday

She might not be a big name here in the UK but American stand-up Kathleen Madigan is a big deal over in her homeland. A regular on TV in the States, the multi-award-winning comedian is unleashing her first Prime Video special, in which she brings her own brand of observational humour to subjects that range from her ageing parents, communicating with millennials and, yes, hunting bigfoot. Filmed at the Paramount Theatre in Denver, it’s the perfect introduction to a comic who deserves to be better known to comedy fans on this side of the Pond. 


Thin Blue LineAvailable from Thursday

Not a reboot of the classic 90s sitcom starring Rowan Atkinson, but a police procedural crime drama from Sweden. Now on to its second season, Thin Blue Line follows a group of officers from the Malmö Police Department, and is as much about their complicated personal lives as the crimes they have to solve. As we rejoin them, some new arrivals shake up the department’s dynamic – particularly for Sara (Amanda Jansson) and Magnus (Oscar Töringe). Meanwhile, a shocking fire at an industrial warehouse, which results in the death of 39 illegal workers, leaves the entire nation in shock – and shines a scrutinising light on the police.


Walter Presents: The Crimson RiversAvailable now

As well as boasting two of the more charismatic fictional detectives on telly – grizzled police veteran Pierre Niemans (Olivier Marchal) and his former student Camille Delaunay (Erika Sainte) – this French crime thriller often features some of the most gruesome murders. The first case in this new, fourth series is a prime example: a terrifying, masked killer is on the loose in an isolated village, murdering several victims, before clawing at the bodies and then leaving strange symbols all over the nearby area. Can Pierre and Camille find the culprit before he continues his killing spree – and before the locals take matters into their own hands? 

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Perfect AddictionAvailable now

FILM The ultra-competitive world of MMA – that’s mixed martial arts, for the uninitiated – provides the setting for this highly charged romantic thriller. When successful trainer Sienna (Kiana Madeira) discovers that her champion-fighter boyfriend, Jax (Matthew Noszka), is having an affair with her own sister – ouch – she plots the perfect revenge: training Kayden (Ross Butler), the only fighter who stands a chance of beating Jax and stealing his crown. Yes, it’s as cheesy as it sounds but if you’re after a guilty-pleasure steamy action movie, Perfect Addiction – an adaptation of the hit novel – will land a knockout punch.

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