The Blacklist’s Ressler should have died in season 1 as fans expose Red plot hole?

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NBC’s thrilling series The Blacklist has been a major hit since it first premiered in 2013, with fans hooked on the action-packed scenes. With the characters often involved in many of the show’s fight scenes, one observant viewer spotted a mistake which could have been the death of Agent Ressler (played by Diego Klattenhoff).

In the season one episode titled ‘Anslo Garrick,’ the task force came under danger after a terrorist was determined to kill Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington (James Spader).

During the attack, Ressler was in the line of fire and was shot in the leg, to protect himself the agent pulled himself into a bulletproof cell.

Inside the cell, Red diverted his attention and focused on saving Ressler, while delivering a speech about survival.

Eventually, the gunman Garrick (Ritchie Coster) looked for a different way to get to Red and threatened the lives of his loved ones.

This included Ressler, as he pointed the gun at the injured agent and remarked, he wouldn’t survive for long without medical assistance.

Despite this, Red only came out of the cell, when Garrick threatened Liz Keen’s (Megan Boone) life.

Soon after, Red was able to escape, while Ressler and Liz sought immediate medical attention at the hospital.

However, fans soon questioned the storyline and asked if the agent would’ve survived his injuries in real life.

One mistake viewers spotted in season one was the medical inaccuracy when Red tried to give Ressler a transfusion.

In the episode Red made a tourniquet and tried to give Ressler a blood transfusion using his blood, however, fans noticed a major error.

Exposing it on, a viewer wrote: “As Reddington sets up the blood transfer between himself and Ressler he inserts the intravenous line in Ressler’s arm first and then in his own arm.

“This way the remaining air inside the line gets into the recipient’s body and could very well kill him.

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“Judging the expert way he handles the set up he should know to first insert the IV in his own arm, let the line fill with blood, and then insert the IV in Ressler’s arm,” they concluded.

However, other fans argued against this and stated the agent would’ve survived the transfusion.

They believed: “That amount of air would probably not cause any problem. It actually takes quite a lot of air to cause any issue.”

After Ressler was discharged from the hospital, fans found it hard to believe he didn’t lose his leg or suffer any lasting injuries.

It has also been recently discussed how The Blacklist had a number of continuity errors when it came to injuries.

In season one, Liz Keen received some nasty injuries during her pursuit of a cyber-terrorist in the episode titled ‘Ivan’.

After she leapt through a train, the chase resulted in dreadful injuries, which eagle-eyed fans noticed were disappearing as the episode continued.

One noticed: “Her two cuts alternate throughout the following scenes on the train from dripping blood to barely scratches.”

Thankfully, despite the occasional plot holes fans continue to stay hooked every episode.

The Blacklist season nine continues Thursdays on NBC.

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