The Circle fans spot computer malfunction as Blue Tally tries to defend identity

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The Circle viewers proved nothing gets past them on Thursday evening, as they picked up on a computer malfunction on the show.

Tally has been trying hard to prove her true identity, after rival contestant Yolanda appeared on the show, pretending to be her as "Orange Tally".

Desperate to prove herself, the real Tally, who has become known as Blue Tally, tried to chat with fellow contestant Billy on the show.

The message that popped up on The Circle read: "Blue Tally has invited you to a private chat."

Unfortunately, the avatar selected was not Blue Tally, but rather Orange Tally – something viewers picked up on immediately.

Taking to Twitter, viewers debated the computer error, as many wondered whether the robotic Circle system was undergoing a malfunction.

"‘Blue Tally has invited you to a private chat' with Orange Tally's avatar. Has The Circle malfunctioned under the pressure? #TheCircle," one added.

"Glad I wasn't the only one that noticed that," agreed a second.

And a third chimed: "Blue Tally has invited you to a private chat, with a photo of Orange Tally."

"Pretty sure that notification for Blue Tally chat invite had Orange Tally's profile," weighed in a fourth.

Yolanda was blocked on the first episode, but was given the opportunity to return to the competition while posing as a rival contestant.

Her return as another Tally has divided the contestants, leading many to wonder which Tally is the original.

A GP assistant from Worthing, Tally has decided to play herself on the show, hoping her personality will help her to win the competition.

Describing her motivation in coming on The Circle, she told viewers: "I got quite badly bullied at school, I had glasses and was really lanky. I started posting pictures of myself and editing them quite a lot. Over the last two years I have built this Instagram that doesn't really represent me as a person.

"I'm kind of embarrassed of my own Instagram. I really want to go on The Circle to strip everything back and be perceived as my normal quirky self rather than these posey, edited pictures. I want to see if you are really only accepted if you look a certain way."

The Circle continues tomorrow at 10pm on Channel 4.

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