The InBetween exclusive clip: Cassie has to deal with a creepy house guest

Can you kick a ghost out of your home?

In an exclusive clip from episode 2 of NBC’s new paranormal crime series The InBetween, Cassie’s about to find out! When ghost-seeing, psychic Cassie (Harriet Dyer) awakens to hear a male ghost singing a creepy song while sitting on her couch, she’s understandably a little perturbed.

“You know I was a big help to your daddy,” says the ghost of Ed Roven (Sean Bolger) who inadvertently helped Cassie’s detective father Tom (Paul Blackthorne) out with a murder case in the premiere. “You should think about getting to know me better…I was hoping you and me could be friends.”

To say Cassie doesn’t quite agree with Ed’s suggestion, would be an understatement. “Get the hell out of my house, don’t come back,” she tells him in the clip, to which Ed responds, “Alright then, but if you feel yourself wanting a little help from over on my side, you just give me a holler and I’ll come running.”

Will Cassie make a deal with the devil/ghost to help save more innocent people? Tune in Wednesday at 10 p.m. on NBC to find out.

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