The Morning Show’s Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are ‘so welcoming’, says Greta Lee

The Morning Show’s new recruit Greta Lee has opened up about working with Hollywood ‘legends’ Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon on the second series of the hit Apple TV+ series.

Greta, who plays UBA’s brand new Head of News Stella Bak, explained in an exclusive chat with OK! that the novelty of seeing her name next to theirs on the call sheet never wore off throughout filming.

In fact, the 38-year-old star continued to admit that she has to give herself time to let it sink in before stepping onto set as straight-talking Stella, knowing she had to make it look like her alter-ego was totally unfazed.

Greta laughed: “You must have some sympathy for me because it’s just legend, after legend, after legend. I’d wake up and look at the call sheet and think, ‘Oh, ok… here we go!’”

When asked if it ever became normal to film scenes with Friends star Jennifer, who plays lead anchor Alex Levy, and Oscar-winning Reese, who stars as Bradley Jackson, Greta answered: “No it does not ever become normal!”

“It takes a huge amount of putting my hands in my face in my trailer and just accepting my puppy-dog like excitement – but then putting it in a box and walking out of my trailer and going onto set.”

Continuing to open up about what she learned from working with the duo, as well as meeting them behind-the-scenes, Greta said: “It’s not just that I’ve been such a fan of my co-stars and the work that they’ve done, but it’s really about the way that they’ve done it.”

“These are actors who are at the peak of their mastery, in terms of what they do and stamina.”

“I’d never really done an hour-long show like this, a show that feels like sprinting on a treadmill everyday. But they were so incredibly welcoming and helpful in terms of allowing me to play ball with them.”

However, it wasn’t just the pulling power of the talented cast that drew Greta to the ten-part series.

Speaking about her character Stella, who has been brought in to clean up UBA after it was brought to its knees by sexual assault claims, Greta said: “Right from the get-go reading the character description of Stella – the first and only female News President in the history of UBA – it felt so exciting.”

“She has this incredible ambition and identifies as a visionary and wants to implement these big changes to the network – and comes in real hot.”

“She doesn’t always have the bedside manner but, to her, it doesn’t matter. She’s so completely ‘take no prisoners’ and you see the ways in which that helps, but absolutely does not help. That was really fun to play.”

And touching on the response she’s had to Stella since the series began airing, Greta said: “I’m technically a millennial but I’ve always identified as a little bit more analogue so I’m not on social media.”

“But from the reception I’ve received I’m getting the sense that people are so excited to see a person like her represented, and that’s great.”

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