The Repair Shop cast: Who are the experts Will Kirk, Jay Blades and Suzie Fletcher?

GOT an antique in need of restoration? The Repair Shop experts are on hand to help.

From clock restoration to ceramic conservation, the team combine years of experience to restore items to their former glory.

Who are the experts on The Repair Shop?

Suzie Fletcher

Sister to Steven Fletcher, the self-confessed horse obsessive specialises in leather and saddle making.

Equestrian saddlery expert Suzie is from Oxfordshire and has been in the industry for over 40 years.

When she returned to the UK from America after the sad passing of her husband, brother Steven convinced her to get involved with the show.

The Master English Saddle Maker has spoken about how being on The Repair Shop has helped 'repair her heart' following his tragic loss.

Will Kirk

Fan fave Will Kirk is a regular feature on the show, having first started back in 2015.

His background is in carpentry and as a cabinetmaker – anything wood-related will mean he gets a call to help restore the item, whether it's a doll's house or an old jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces.


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The handsome star has made some fans of the show hot under the collar, given his looks and the fact he's the youngest expert.

Steven Fletcher

Steven was already a part of the show before his sister Suzie joined.

He's a solid member of the team having appeared in countless episodes with his watch-making skills.

He is a horologist, which means he works with clocks and watches, having learnt skills passed down through his family.

His grandfather opened The Clock Workshop in Oxfordshire 1910.

Jay Blades

Jay Blades is the show's charismatic host, but he's also an expert in furniture restoration.

He has a company called Jay&Co and has presented another BBC show too, taking on Money for Nothing.

As a guest he has also featured on Celebrity MasterChef and Richard Osman's House of Games.

Brenton West

Best known for being a silversmith, Brenton has also worked on cars, classic and racing.

He is a fan of photography and studied it at university.

Brenton has been in the industry for over 40 years.

Kirsten Ramsey

Kirsten is a Ceramic Conservator and she trained at the world famous West Dean College.

She's even worked in The British Museum but now she works privately.

Speaking about why she loves her job, she said she loves "unlocking our social history" through objects.

When is The Repair Shop next on TV and how can I watch it?

The Repair Shop will be on TV on December 24, 2021.

You can catch the show on BBC One at 7pm.

Episodes are also available on BBC iPlayer.

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